sometimes mondays …



… are  for getting ready to go to quilt meeting and errand running… I’m looking forward to the meeting  – it’s been a while since I last attended – and grateful for the chance to reconnect with quilting friends and cross a few things off my list!

What’s on your Monday agenda?


10 thoughts on “sometimes mondays …

  1. What great fabric! and I hope you did get out today, because if our weather is headed your way, I predict major hibernating vibes soon!


  2. The gym (about time!), a meeting about Ecumenical Advocacy Days, a luncheon at a friends house, and family here for dinner. ‘Twas a busy day as most of the days this week look to be. I’ll be glad next week for the holiday which will keep the schedule a little less hectic. Hope your quilting meeting was as much fun as you anticipated!


  3. Monday was a lot of driving. Zach came home saturday and we enjoyed his company but we had to drive him back to chicago yesterday. long day. he’s doing better than ever though. Im grateful he is happier and settling in. IT was a huge adjustment from MExico that I never saw coming. duh


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