it’s tuesday | 12.18.18 …



~blue sky blooms and love the menagerie of dogs all decked out for the holiday ~

Another day filled with blue sky and sunshine, tho’ a tad brisk out…but, who can or should complain? Certainly not I.  A good day to run a couple errands: post office and a leisurely trip to Whole Foods. Feeling quite proud of myself for not buying any talenti gelato – t’wasn’t on the list and I did not even tempt myself by walking past the refrigerated section.

Home. After putting away the groceries and consulting with Norman’s son re: N’s IE Explorer acting up… somehow the browser’s image size got changed to a teeny tiny 10. Michelle (Obama;  I’m still listening to Becoming) and I took a brisk walk. She’s a great walking companion and had it been a tad warmer, I might’ve walked and listened a  little longer.  I’m not in a rush to finish the book – I’ve just finished the chapter on the night of Nov 4, 2008, when Barack Obama won the election for POTUS 44. I have very vivid memories of that night! My plans to give my nieces and sister each a copy for Christmas have changed: my niece – grand niece’s mother – beat me to the punch! Haven’t a clue about what to substitute…but, I still have time.

I don’t have much holiday prep to do; however, it might help if I sat down and made a list…

Have you finished with holiday prep?



15 thoughts on “it’s tuesday | 12.18.18 …

  1. Blue skies here today put a BIG smile on my face … and I finished Sara’s cowl. Not to say ALL my holiday prep is done, but that’s a big one to check off!


  2. We don’t celebrate Christmas in what you would consider the “traditional” way. So, I THINK we are ready, except I have to decide what we are going to make for dinner that night. We always do something a little more special that night.


  3. Sunny skies arrived around 2:00 and are predicted again for tomorrow! Much appreciated. I’m in good shape for the holidays–just wrapping and baking to do—and some serious entertaining—12 on Saturday for dinner and 14 on Christmas.


  4. I’m pretty much all prepped for Christmas! Probably one more trip to the grocery store . . . but that’s it! 🙂
    I really enjoyed my time with Michelle. What an excellent book! XO


  5. Great Photos Honore. Ive heard nothing but good about BORN a CRIME, Trevor Noah’s book. My son is giving it to FIreman for Christmas. I am baking the yeast rolls today and freezing them. I’ve got to straighten up this place before we bring up the Christmas china and all that. So ordinary cleaning is on tap. We are just at the grocery list point for dinners while Al and Zach are here. It will all get done. I want to savor the process. So far so good.


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