sometimes mondays| 2.18.19…



… are very leisurely. Today,  Presidents’ Day,  has been filled with making lists, plans, menus and layouts (I am doing a layout a day, LOAD 219 that I’ve done every year the month of February for about 9 years) and a very extended MSQT (Morning Solitude and Quiet Time)! Just about 10 minutes ago,  I looked up at the clock and realized the day is well on its way to being over…

Today, it’s quiet and windy, sometimes sunny; other times, not! I think I will pause doing not much of anything and take a quick walk.  That should help me refocus my attention (and energy ) and get back to my lists, plans, menus and today’s layout/s – featuring a bit o’ green…hmmm, I just realized that yesterday was St Patrick’s Day.*

Trust you are enjoying a leisurely day, too!


*PS. 3:15 PM. Oops, as I walked I realized St. Patrick’s Day is in March.

9 thoughts on “sometimes mondays| 2.18.19…

  1. hahaha Silly Honore. St paddy’s day is always in March . It is so overblown in the uSA. I have many Irish friends who say its ridiculous. In Ireland they go to Mass. I get a little annoyed at people (my sister) who is half Irish like the rest of us and had to get her dual citizenship , has to wear green and claddagh rings and completely ignores our Hungarian side. There were many wonderful things about my irish Grandma. I adore her. But she never wore green. She would say in her brogue: I’ve the map of Ireland all over my face, I don’t need to wear green. I loved her so


  2. Laughed when I saw your comment about St. Patrick’s Day. It will never be confused here–it’s Tracy’s birthday as well.


  3. Happy Middle of FEBRUARY! I had a similar March/February mix-up myself last week 🙂 … I have a few quiet mornings on the calendar this week and I’m looking forward to lists, plans and … simply being quiet for a little bit longer. xxoo – happy Monday!


  4. I am so glad you had a leisurely day. Don’t you love it when you’ve been at your desk or table with journals, books, writing prompts and tools and all of a sudden the morning has flown. Those two little boys playing with legos? are so cute. They are going to be good buddies as the years go by. Quiet winter days here too.


  5. Your day sounds so nice and peaceful. Then I laughed over St. Patrick’s day – I didn’t realize you were wrong – lol. All the St. Patty’s Day “stuff” has been out in the stores for weeks.


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