sometimes mondays | 5.6.19 …

awake @ 5 am

finish putting laundry away; straighten workspace in craft room; empty dishwasher; make tea, light candle…

sit @ 6am

relax, take first sip o’ tea, a deep breath, think …

“I’ve done a day’s work, already! in an hour” …

the sky is grey; rush hour traffic is still light. It is quiet. the tea soothes, feels good as it travels down my throat, warms my insides, enough so I think a long sip o’ iced H2O is in order…Ahhh!

catch a whiff of the candle’s lavender scent – hmmm, heavenly. I remind myself how.very.much I love the smell of lavender. grow a bit? for sure, buy some dried. remember I have some!

fix another cup o’ tea; walk a bit in the kitchen; think about today’s agenda; update May calendar; plan this week’s blog posts, create today’s and hit publish!

7:45 am

time to get a move on … the sun just broke through! Have a great day!

Cheers ~

9 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 5.6.19 …

  1. This reads like a lovely way to begin your morning. Tea and lavender-two things I love, too.
    Thank you. I have to remember to take the time to light a candle to my life.
    Have a lovely day.


  2. Happy Monday! It’s a beautiful day here, and I have nothing on the calendar except a trip to the grocery store sometime before dinner. Lovely all the way around!


  3. Honore! What a peaceful start to the day! I was rushed but in a happy way. I whipped up a HOT breakfast for Fireman. Eggs, topped with wisconsin cheddar cheese, toast and bacon for the Birthday guy! Then picked up a banana sheet cake to bring to the barn to celebrate my guy with fellow volunteers!


  4. oh, that’s a lovely beginning … I don’t usually light a candle, but I’m thinking I need to. (also need to investigate lavender!) Happy Monday, my friend!


  5. I love the soft glow of that candle. I can just imagine you sitting with your cup of tea as the candle warms the morning. I have lavender growing in my little herb garden. I just enjoy the scent and love the way the flowers grow on the stalk. Give it a try. This plant seems to love the sun and the herb garden is tucked up next to the house, somewhat protected from the wind.


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