olw: habit| 7.30.19 …


Last month I wrote that I was working on the habit of dressing in “street clothes” before I went downstairs in the mornings for MSQT (morning solitude and quiet time). I did  most mornings – primarily motivated by my aim to walk before the temperature climbed above 90°F, which, unfortunately, happened at least 21 days this month!

Several side benefits of my morning walks:

  • a few more mornings at Zeke’s (coffee shop) …
  • chance to enjoy more of the season’s colors displayed by the flowers …
  • more audible books read
  • several when I get roun tuit items on my “to do” lists are now “ta da done!”

I think this habit is a good one to continue. Joining Juliann and friends for this month’s One Little Word share.




9 thoughts on “olw: habit| 7.30.19 …

  1. I really should take this idea and incorporate it into my morning. I am a pj lounger for a couple of hours in the morning while I sip coffee, eat breakfast, and putter with a few small tasks. I would be more productive getting dressed I think!


  2. The habit that’s changed my life most . . . is getting up right away when my alarm goes off in the morning. (Early. Every day.) Now . . . I need to work on the “street clothes” thing! 🙂


  3. I’ve been trying to do the same thing, and it’s also helping me accomplish more also. Here’s to gettin’ up and gettin’ goin’!


  4. I should insist on evening walks. I could never get out for morning walks until we had our beloved Huck dog. the nights are so lovely right now, I love them. Fireman gets out for a morning paddle often. I just can’t get out of bed right now. But I’m hopeful August will be different


  5. That is a great habit, and avoiding the heat is a great motivator-also there’s coffee-very key for first thing in the morning!


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