unraveled wednesday | 8.14.19 …


What you do from 5 -9 am is what you’ll do from 9am – 5pm ~ Stacy Julian

I loved the shadow of the pitcher – which sits on the table – the sun made about 7:25 am  this morning, on my Flower Garden quilt; quite apropos, I think… The quote I heard on a podcast during my morning walk. It all just came together so nicely… and was a nice entré for the day…I thought.


Over the past few days, I’ve been revisiting the practice of bullet journaling…a couple years ago I joined the world’s millions who jumped on the bandwagon…and then for some reason, I stopped. Maybe not completely – within my journal, I do a bit here and there but I don’t consider myself a real bullet journaler – whatever that is! I scoured my collection of books and previous Bujos (journals) and am reacquainting myself with those aspects I like, have used and new features I think I’ll try. I’ve come to the conclusion that predesigned journals and planners just don’t work for me but the blank page does. So, it’s off to the races I go, yet again.

The book Things You Save in a Fire arrived on my doorstep yesterday…addressed to me, apparently ordered by me from Amazon… A new release, the book has received great reviews from the likes of Kirkus, Booklist, NYTimes, Washington Post, Good Reads  (the author even gave herself 5 stars … and why not) . I

  • don’t know the author …
  • have read several pages …
  • am surprisingly intrigued to read on…
  • invite you to stay tuned!

This about wraps up my Unraveled Wednesday; joining Kat and friends here.


8 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 8.14.19 …

  1. I love the quote! It is so true! Because on the days I start out easily sidetracked – the remainder of the day follows suit!
    I wish I could Bujo… but I don’t think my mind works that way. I’d love to discuss what worked for you and what new things you found!


  2. I am with you – the blank page works better for me although I do have a calendar in addition to several journals. The photo of the quilt is so pretty. You were paying attention to catch the shadow at just the right moment – a writer for sure.


  3. I gave bullet journaling a brief try, but have finally found a combination of journals that keep me organized and getting words on a page—The Daily Action Planner, and blank pages. I’m using a Russell and Hazel journal with their monthly tab dividers.


  4. I have also come to realized that dated planners don’t work for me although I do love a monthly spread. I am re-reading the Bullet Journal book in hopes of finding a way to stay organized as we launch into a new school year. I have seen that book pop up a number of times so I look forward to hearing your thoughts


  5. Your quilt and the cast shadow are just lovely. I just saw Things You Save In A Fire yesterday and was intrigued by the title, now I’m looking forward to hearing what you think!


  6. Your quilt is so gorgeous! I love the author of Things You Save in a Fire. I’m buying this book tomorrow. Have been waiting for forever for it to come out. I’ve read all her other books already! Not that I’m hurting for anything to read – I have about 40 plus books started right now – ha!

    Linda in VA


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