unraveled wednesday | 1.8.20 …

SNOW! Yesterday we had more than a dusting: enough for government workers to close up shop/go home early; all told, I guess we had about 2 inches or so of the white stuff. Elias was delighted that he got to don his new snow suit.

This morning, the snow remains and the sky’s dark grey but the forecast: sunshine and a high of 45°… sooo long SNOW!

Today would be a great day to snuggle up with a cuppa hot tea, the last of homemade Christmas cookies and a good book. Alas, I have dental and hair appointments so I will take my iTools (Pad and Phone) to begin The Dutch House (ears) and/or Fever (ears & eyes).

On the knitting front: the hat is an almost finished… last 6 stitches to bind off and still, the tassel to make… Knitting continues on the Log Cabin lap blanket; and in my stash are several projects ~ all with a 2020 complete date!

*the second sock of a pair;

*a blanket started several years ago;

*a shawl that has been patiently waiting for me to finish the above – hang tight; your day is coming! And

*oh yes, lest I forget: the Christmas stocking! One of these years…

Time to get ready for my appointments. Joining Kat and Friends for Unraveled Wednesday! Sun’s out!


17 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 1.8.20 …

  1. Oh, that little Elias! I love his snowsuit — and his big, winning grin! (Also those curls. Oh my goodness, could he be any sweeter???) Enjoy your day, Honoré! XO


  2. Elias in his snowsuit in the snow might be the best thing ever! I am going to borrow some of that exuberance when we have white stuff later today! Good luck with your day! XO


  3. What a precious photo of Elias (and what a great snowsuit!!). You certainly got more of the white stuff than we did (barely a dusting here). Hope your appointments go well and you can get home and snuggle in with a book and some tea (or champagne:)). I started Fever last night and am enjoying it.


  4. Photos of snow should definitely feature a grinning Elias! Since you do have to leave the house, I hope The Dutch House and Fever make your appointments a little more enjoyable.


  5. Enjoy your snow as much as Elias is! Or, you could send that little sweetie to my house in northern WI, where the ground is covered by a blanket of white — he would have a ball!


  6. There is so much joy in that photo! I hope your appointments go perfectly and you get to enjoy your reading and knitting time, too!


  7. Six stitches to go? Wow, nearly off the needles … It will be such a good feeling when your as-yet-uncompleted projects are done. Super photo of Elias enjoying the snow, in his very snazzy suit. I was tickled that government employees got to go home early because there was two inches of snow – we’d need about eight inches and a blizzard for that to happen up here!


  8. Wish I felt as happy as Elias to see the snow! The meteorologist told us last night that we’ve already had 44+ inches. I had an early dentist appointment this morning. Enjoyed seeing the sunrise as I drove. It was a very brief appointment–in and out in 15 minutes, but by the time I left snow squalls had arrived making visibility almost nonexistent. I was glad to get home, and happy to know I didn’t have to leave again unless I chose to. If it clears up, we plan to see “Little Women” tonight.


  9. Look at that little guy and his winning smile. I love the joy and exuberance of little ones and Elias is no exception. Sounds like you have a plan for those works in progress. I am anxious to learn what you think of The Dutch House.


  10. Yay for snowsuit weather!! and wow, that’s a mighty list of projects … can’t wait to see more of them this year!


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