sometimes mondays | 3.2.20 …

sunrise, as I type, is soft, gentle, quiet; just a whiff of pink color tinges the edges of the horizon…it’s quiet, only the steady rhythm of the clock’s tick tick tick and the clump of the keys on the keyboard as I punch, can be heard. As I am not a typist, frequently I have to pause, correct. Over the years I’ve unknowingly learned placement of a few keys, a very few. I cannot type you without looking at my hands and the keyboard; when I don’t I always, without fail, type oyu . I wonder why my brain doesn’t stop me? Hmmm…

This morning I share the fruits of 29 consecutive days in February capturing memories into the making of scrapbook layouts. I’m not sure how the dates of the collage were left off but the month begins in the upper left corner and reads across. I told stories of my great grand nephews, Chris and Elias; my parents; my birthday weekend at Bethany Beach DE with friends; of friendships; my favorite place on earth: Sisters Oregon; an ’80s trip to Austria; a couple seasonal (December 2019) and sky/weather stories. My favorite layout is the second in the 3rd row of clouds.

I always enjoy LOAD and am also happy when it’s over. I like to think that I’ll keep the momentum going but I don’t. My brain tells me it’s time to pause, take a break, refresh and get ready for the next session – 31 days in May! … Maybe during the break I will learn how to type y-o-u !


14 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 3.2.20 …

  1. You’ve told so many wonderful stories in February! Maybe after a bit of a break, you’re brain will guide you to type y-o-u now that you’re more aware of it. (For me it’s t-e-h!)


  2. What a fantastic month of stories! I am truly in awe of this achievement – as an outsider looking in, it looks incredibly daunting! Your creativity just shines!


  3. I love seeing all these layouts together — so inspiring!

    To this day, I will tell you that one of the most useful classes I ever took in (middle) school was keyboarding — I know it’s possible to be a fast typist even if you don’t have the keys memorized, but I’m a lot better at it because I have memorized where they are!


  4. Good for you, Honoré! (Or should I say “o-y-u?”) It must feel so good to have those 29 stories complete — such wonderful memories and charming scrapbook pages! Enjoy your break. XO


  5. Wow! All those stories recorded. I’d say you have earned your break but how wonderful for your family that you have such wonderful scrapbook pages. Those pesky words that get in our way. There is one that I tend to mistype all the time but can’t for the life of me remember what it is – oh dear. Anyway – let’s March into March. Here we go.


  6. I’m truly impressed not only with the fact that you did all 29 layouts, but that you captured some real stories with full journaling. This LOAD was my first attempt in years – the last time I participated was when Lain was still running it – and sorry to say I only managed a few layouts.


  7. It’s a gorgeous set of layouts! What template do you use to assemble them for your blog? I took typing my sophomore year in high school. It was part of the business school track, but has proved very useful. Neither of my kids wanted to use their time in high school so they learned with a software program. I should ask them how successful it turned out to be.


  8. This is such a fantastic collection of stories!! How wonderful to have them all down on paper – with your handwriting! I recently rediscovered my love of Ali Edwards and all things STORY. Do you subscribe to her story club? I’m almost ready to commit to a Noticing Project this spring 🙂 (I took typing in high school and happy to report I learned it – my mom wouldn’t let me use her typewriter until I’d taken a real class … it’s a skill that’s served me well!)


  9. What an achievement to have produced so many lovely pages, rich in memory and story, within a month! Hats off to you … My father put together a book of his childhood memories for us and I am so glad he did. Perhaps it’s time I started to do the same.


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