walk 20 in 2020 | 5.4.20 …



#walk20in2020 is a challenge Gretchen Rubin began this January ~ you can learn all about it here . Tho’ a tad breezy, today in the nation’s capital, the weather was pretty durn near perfect – for sure an invitation to start the week off on a good foot. And since it’s never too late to start and/or strengthen this habit/practice, I took full advantage of  Mother Nature’s bounty.  I

  • held onto my hat,
  • clocked 54:54 minutes /1.88 miles,
  • easily snapped ten+ pics of bright colorful flowers and
  • relished every minute out in the nature under bright blue sky!

Would that we had many more of such wonderful days, but alas, not to be!




9 thoughts on “walk 20 in 2020 | 5.4.20 …

  1. A bit of sunshine and fresh air does a body good, doesn’t it? I spent most the yesterday in my gardens – we had a day of unexpected sunshine so I took advantage!


  2. I always feel better these days after a long walk in the sunshine surrounded by all the color of the flowers blooming. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy it!


  3. I spent yesterday trying to defeat the wind and keep laundry on the clothesline, but it was a losing battle. While it was a tough day for line-drying, it was a great day for a walk!


  4. Walking is the one bright thing in every day here. We’ve only missed a few, and I’m determined to walk every day in May regardless of the weather. We’ll see how I do this weekend with both rain and snow in the forecast! Sunday we walked 3 miles with a temperature of 75°. Today it was 45°—at least it was sunny!


  5. I love walking and even though I am walking the same route (multiple times a day) I see something different every time, so that makes it fun! I clicked on Better than Before from your site. I need to look at that more often. I have The Four Tendencies book, but I took the quiz again. I came out a questioner this time. I need to find the book and see the original result. Truth be told, I think I am a obliging Questioner. How about you? Love the photos!


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