sometimes mondays |8.24.20 …

… are like and unlike any other. this morning, at 8:24 am, stillness. the world around appears to still be very much sleeping in. Eventually, the “world will awaken” but for the now, I shall relish these quiet moments.

… as I look out the window, evidence of autumn greets: just the slightest twinge of brown on the leaves of this tree and larger spaces of blue sky show in between branches. against the nearly cloudless sky,  red crepe myrtle dot the landscape.

… in this 5th month of Covid-19, the stealthy, incognito, non-discerning, easily transmitted virus continues to devastate … and yet, the grass continues to grow; clouds form, come and go; birds fly, stop to rest on an electric wire or tree branch or fence; squirrels scamper; bees, butterflies and other flying insects flit their way across my vista. in the not too far distance, I see traffic move and even two small dogs out for a walk.

… in the not too distant future, the sky will be more revealed as leaves from this tree begin to drop. soon to be autumn. I hope your Monday morning was as peaceful.


PS. A reminder: tomorrow is share your 2020 August word experience on this blog.

8 thoughts on “sometimes mondays |8.24.20 …

  1. You’ve given us a lovely photo and reminder that no matter what we humans are going through, nature and the seasons continue on beautifully. Thank you!


  2. the same, and yet, not quite. I’ve been so grateful to see the constancy of the seasons these past 162(!!!) days! … and now I’m hoping fall might make an uncharacteristically EARLY appearance – ha!


  3. What a lovely photo — and sentiments to match! I’m trying to ignore the (occasional) yellow leaves I’m seeing here and there. Lots of signs of fall-on-the-way, though… Hope your Monday was a good one!


  4. Though I’ve always appreciated the beauty of nature in the past, I think it really hit me this year how the natural world continued on with its usual activity even as we stopped and slowed ours. The first signs of fall are showing up here too, and while I’ll be sad to see the longer days go, I am ready for the cooler days of autumn!


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