About me

Hi. I’m Honoré.  A retired public librarian, ten years and counting…and I’ve been blogging  10 years.  I started blogging on Typepad and migrated to Word Press, November 2018.

I chose the name Morning Glory Studio for my blog  for two reasons: 1 -When I was a preschooler, my mother would ask me, “What’s your story Morning Glory?” The song, sung by Ella Fitzgerald, was very popular in the  early 1940s; and 2- For years, my mother and I gathered in a repurposed bedroom, transforming it to a creative space, where we stitched, chatted, and enjoyed one another’s company. It is in this space that I also blog. My mother’s bedroom is also now part of my creative space where I sew.

This blog serves to capture, keep and share my memories of the days of my life – past, present and future. I’m delighted that you’ve come by and taken a bit of your time to read  my words and share your thoughts. Feel free to contact me: honore.francois at gmail.com