IMG_5869Thinking: Soon all the leaves will have fallen and the trees will be bare. Colder temps are at hand; days, shorter; nights, longer.  Last year we had very c-o-l-d temperatures; more of the same? Looking back, I attended a baby shower for Elias, right before Veteran’s Day. Little did we know then that he was going to join us two months ahead of schedule.

Grateful: On the 27th of this month, Elias celebrates his first birthday. Amazing! He’s almost standing by himself so I expect he’ll be ambling around any day now! We are eternally grateful that both he and his mom are well. Life is good!

Inspiration: Norman and I were trying to decide when the “holiday  shopping season,” would begin. I think it already has – which reminds me that I’ve a storage room in the basement to clear out … so we can get to the holiday decorations. I think we may need a new tree.


Fun: The boys: Chris (4) and Elias  (11 months) went “trick or treating” – their first – at a local retail mall. Chris enjoyed the experience; Elias, the cookie! Dolly plans to make a gingerbread house with big brother Chris. I think I’ll join in the fun, too, having never made one. Perhaps I’ll have them come here. And maybe we’ll make ornaments and an Advent Calendar for Chris; he’d like that! I’m full of ideas and memories. We – my mom and I – had an ornament -making party for Dolly when she was just about 5 – 27 years ago. She remembers and so do I!

Norman appreciated all the birthday wishes. He had just the day that he wanted: quiet and peaceful. And I concur. We are both grateful for every moment his day brought and look forward to more gratitude -filled moments and days. Peace and…


13 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Sounds as if you have all kinds of fun ideas to share with those little boys. Enjoy. My advice on gingerbread house making is to be certain you have the right kind of icing. Mind you I don’t know what that is but every time I tried with my kids the candy slid off. Of course they didn’t care as they could eat candy with icing on it. Whew! Now days kits are available and a good thing too. Last year my daughter did a reverse advent calendar with her kids – in that they did something for someone else each day. Some of her ideas were quite simple as in “Give the preschool teacher a hug or say something nice to one of your brothers!!!” Other times they took a canned good to a collection point, etc.


  2. What a wonderful family you have! I’m glad that everyone enjoyed Halloween and their birthday in their own ways. Some of my best memories are of making gingerbread houses with my boys. It was a lot of fun once I let go of the idea that they had to “look nice” and let my boys loose with the candy to decorate.


  3. Thinking autumnal thoughts of chill and falling leaves.
    Grateful for all families.
    Inspiration from new blogs, I love your blog’s new look!


  4. Elias’ first birthday will surely be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the blessings of his birth and his mom’s recovery! I’m not looking forward to all the leaves falling off the trees. Even in the dark, dreary days we’ve had recently, the beautiful colors are a bright spot in the day.


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