tgif |4.3.20…

~social distancing @ Whole Foods~

t: tired this morning. Hangover from yesterday when we were up and out of the house at 6:30 am to grocery shop …we were pleasantly surprised to find the produce, dairy, bread sections and meat cases well stocked; not so: frozen veggies/fruits and canned beans/tomato goods.

g: grateful for a good night’s rest, a quiet morning, sunny skies, and a chance to reclaim my depleted energies. Even tho’ I am an early bird, the out of the house early morning venture took its toll later that evening: I realized that I dozed through much of an evening Zoom scrapbooking crop. C’est la vie!

i: inspired tho’ perhaps a bit sad – today was the last session for this season’s Journal Club. Jamie always has a great closing planned; I looked forward to whatever surprise she had in store to carry us through the break ( 8 weeks?) before we reconvene. I was not disappointed.

f: finding renewed energy on this bright sunshine-filled-tho’-a-tad-windy-day. Our season of Journal Club ended with a spirited dance and reconnection to our animal spirit guide: Turtle. And so, in honor of Journal Club and National Poetry Month, I share this stanza from Dr. Seuss: 

And the turtles, of course all the turtles are free, as turtles and, maybe, all creatures should be. *    

Have a great weekend.


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“loof lirpa”

Welcome April!  Joining Kat and friends for today’s Unraveled Wednesday gathering!

… Have you played or had any jokes played on you on this April Fool’s day? In these parts, the morning’s been quiet and grey, tho’ there’s a hint of sunshine as I pen this post. Normally, my morning is quiet – only the normal sounds of the ‘frig, an occasional bird tweet or ambulance siren and the ding of morning txts. Today, Norman arrived in the Great Room singing “Fools Rush In.” Dare I say more?

On the subject of singing, one of my stitching friends shared this YouTube video…not quite the opera but fun:

and on the subject of videos, I share this one:

Over the past few days, I’ve also been a) watching a few “how-to” videos on making face masks and b) drifting in/out of books – not sure what I want to read – whether audio or print.  A couple months ago, I bought Melanie Falick’s Making A Life; I’m finding it too heavy, weight-wise to get into…but I shall persevere. I think I just need a good old fashioned in person visit to the bookstore and library!

The morning moves on and soon it will be afternoon. Norman’s retired to his “man cave” and computer and all’s quiet again. As soon as I hit publish, today’s top 3 agenda items will be done. Ahhh! Now, I shall resume MSQT …

~the azalea bush’s first bloom~


one little word | 3.20 …


     Tell me, what is it you plan to make of your one wild and precious life    ~Mary Oliver

     Having an unlimited schedule with a “to do” list pretty much restricted to what one can do within the confines of home definitely plays havoc with my intentions: I am finding that my MSQT habit is lasting longer and longer, especially on days that begin with inclement weather. And then, before I know it, the day is well on its way to being over.

In this month of March, in conjunction with the daily practice of participating in 30 Days of Lists, I focused on developing the habit of writing a daily review and gratitude/s in a Traveler’s Notebook. I enjoyed the process, the simplified way to document these unprecedented times and the opportunity to express/share those little things – often taken for granted  – that make life wild and precious. I plan to continue this practice, experimenting a bit with other creative ways to capture the days of our lives.

How has your word shown up in your life in March? Please share your link below and if there are problems, add the link to your post in this blog’s comments. The linkup expires April 7.

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sometimes mondays | 3.30.20 …


(just days ago, this tree was white flowers)

My DayONE journal prompt for today asks: What’s the oldest thing you own that you still use daily?  My answer: My brain! At least, most times, tho’ some days I wonder.

I also have, being more practical, several pair of flannel PJs that I’d like to nominate. However, they are pretty much worn to a frizzle frazzle. I hate to part with them, despite that they are thread-bare, mainly ‘cause they’re decorated with Scotty dogs… but, I will have to succumb and use the flannel pieces in a scrappy quilt perhaps or better yet: add to my memory keeping album. Yeah! That’s a great idea!

Interesting, yesterday’s Simple Abundance read focused on “Comfort Clothes and What They Mean.” Sarah shares that she has “a beloved pair of paisley cotton knit PJs that she would wear 24/7 if I could only figure out how to get away with it…”  I can relate tho’ I hasten to add that one would also need to shed periodically for a bit o’ washing, I imagine …

Also in my closet of well-worn, cherished items of clothing: 4 plaid, flannel night shirts. They are light-weight yet warm for cool mornings. I’ve had easily 15 years – several were my mom’s so they hold added value. I can just see her mornings, at her desk in a shirt, coffee cup in one hand, a pencil in the other with both the New York Times and Washington Post Sunday crossword puzzles in front of her…and as she tackled the NYT, she’d occasionally say “This is wicked, Honoré, just plain wicked.

As I write this post, the washing machine is going through the spin cycle, the first of several loads. There is comfort in this activity for it is familiar and well worn in my life too. I am grateful that during these social distancing times we do indeed have comfort memories, items, chores and evidence of Spring: green trees, bushes, and grasses.

What’s on your list of everyday comfort items? 


P.S. And a reminder: Tomorrow, 31 March, is our One Little Word share update on this blog. 

unraveled wednesday|3.25.20…

According to “our”horoscopes, we’re in this for the long haul…  (My niece shared the above graphic and I couldn’t find a source.)  Joining Kat and friends for this week’s unraveled wednesday.

A couple weeks ago, I visited my knitting stash of unfinished projects and found an afghan I started a few years ago that I’d forgotten …so, I pulled it out and have added it to the TBF (to be finished) queue. I also decided to make the LogCabin/9Block piece bigger…so, it looks as tho’ I’m continuing with it a bit longer too…
I finished* a book on decluttering (for an online group discussion); the book didn’t “ring my bell” so I *skipped a lot. Most mornings I read Ryan Holiday’s Daily Stoic essays and respond in the companion journal that invites readers to reflect on the essay. I find it absolutely uncanny how the essays are spot on for today’s events. For example, today we’re invited to respond to this question/essay: “Would I feel wealthier if I decreased my wants?” In response to the essay “ Wealth and Freedom are Free” based on Epictetus’ Discourses, 4.1.175: “ …freedom isn’t secured by filling up on your heart’s desire but by removing your desire.” Oh how true! Could FOMO be operative?


staying connected …

IMG_0201 Another day @home, Monday, made ever gentle by a spring rain. Sunday was warm, sunny and inviting: I took a walk through the park, enjoying the cherry blossoms and watching the children playing; other walkers were out too. IMG_0204

clearly my screen time has jumped!

My stitching friends and I have been meeting via FaceTime and also doing a lot of texting… some of us are making face masks for health care workers, sharing resources and our “makes” via photo. Almost a “stitch in” taking place… IMG_0206

Five year old Chris has his own iPod so he’s been joining in our family texts and holding his own. He reads quite readily though I’m not sure how the actual texting is accomplished.  Some, I believe he types and the other, perhaps tells his mom who types  We celebrated Dolly’s birthday via FaceTime – what fun. Elias totally enjoyed the cake…yum, yum. We didn’t have that same experience …sadly, tech hasn’t figured that out, yet.

Simple – my scrapbooking community with members from around the globe – meets via Zoom several times a week, just to chat and document our memories… Clearly “social distancing” is a top topic for each of us. Our sessions are sometimes “formal” and sometimes very informal, just a gathering.


Patti Callahan, author on Zoom MMD Book Tour

Earlier this month,  I joined author Anne Bogel’s Modern Mrs Darcy’s Book Cub; this past Friday, I attended the book discussion of Anne’s newly released title:  Don’t Overthink It. Scheduled to go on a book tour, cancelled because of the virus, Anne decided to do a “stay-at-home” online book tour this week, also on Zoom. Each day this week, Mon-Fri, an author will be the guest. Monday was the first session and featured Patti Callahan, author of the historical novel, Becoming Mrs.Lewis . Originally published in 2018, the book is being released in paperback. The author shared her very interesting experiences writing the book; I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation, look behind the scenes and have added the title to my TBR list. FaceTime; Skype; Txt; Zoom, and of course, blogging! All are really great ways to stay connected, share ideas, information, inspiration … I see the time is past 2 PM, the day is moving on and I guess I should too… I still have a few items on my daily to do/be list and time marches on. How are you spending your days these days? Cheers~

tgif: 3.20.20 …

Welcome spring! Technically, Spring arrived 11:50 PM ESDST last night! I do believe that my allergy to Spring – pollens from trees, grasses – has also extended my homebound stint.

Thankful for modern Technology: Today I was online for two hour-long Zoom sessions: First, I joined the Modern Mrs Darcy Book Club and the discussion title du jour: Anne Bogel’s own new book: Don’t Overthink It. Anne, if you are unfamiliar with her, is the book club’s founder and host of the popular weekly podcast: What Should I Read Next ? Right on the heels of MMDBC, I joined my weekly Journal Club group; we have two sessions left and then a break til June.

In addition, my Thursday stitching group, in the interest of our health and welfare, chose to meet via Text rather than gather during these days of social distancing. So, all day, my phone/computer have been dinging, between them, family and friends…

Grateful: My email IN box ( I suspect yours too) has been filled by businesses, organizations, agencies, authors, artists, groups etc, offering opportunities for ways to stay involved and occupied. I find the smorgasbord of offerings for children especially inviting. Clearly, if one is online, there are many ways to stay connected in addition to becoming a couch-potato…

Inspired : Ten years ago, we were ending two back-to-back blizzards: unimaginable snowfall totals were racked up and down the eastern seaboard. This year, if we’ve had .5 of an inch of snow there’s a trick to it!. Both my photo repositories have sent me a message about those memories, today.

Fun: Dolly shared this text message:

Tomorrow is Dolly’s birthday. I’m sure the little boys will love singing Happy Birthday to Mommy as we all have for 34 years and counting. Have a grand day Dolly! Here’s to many more!


homebound …

It’s been not quite 14 days since I’ve been out of the house save for :

  • a one trip to the grocery store …
  • two trips to the drugstore …
  • nearly daily walks for fresh air and my sanity…

I gotta cold right before the #$%* hit the fan (as they say in the old country) …and no, I’ve not been sick with Covid-19 – no fever, thankfully. But I have been careful about my meanderings, even foregoing a walk to my local coffee shop and the library – the latter which is now closed. My Thursday stitching group decided to postpone our weekly gatherings until the all clear sounds; our quilting and knitting groups have cancelled meetings, in line with the cessation of group meetings, events, etc, ordered by local governmental officials. Each hour seemingly produces more closings and advice of precautionary, prudent steps that we are required to take. We’re in for the long haul.

On my walk today, I listened to Gretchen Rubin’s special Happier podcast on coping with Covid-19. If you’ve not listened, I invite you to do so. In Gretchen’s inimitable way, she – and her sister Liz – offer not only reasonable but very doable things we can do to cope with this very different way of life. You can hear this 35 minutes’ podcast here.

I for one am not at all concerned about not having anything to do, a lament I recall saying to my mother when I was a child. Her retort: Nonsense! Then she ticked off any number of things I could and did do to amuse myself. These days, starting with hitting publish on this post, I have more than enough to choose and tackle from my list of many things to do. Next on my list: weed a few files. What are you doing to while away the time in this very different time?

I have confidence as this season in our life moves on, we’ll adjust and cope successfully. Carry on!


spring preview …

In just 10 days, the Spring Equinox officially arrives at 11.50 PM, ESDST. Today’s warm temps, sunshine and bright blue sky, were an invitation to journey out for a preview of delights to come. I accepted and out I went. I was not disappointed. Greeting me:

bright yellow daffodils
tulip tree buds about to blossom
and I’m not sure what this flower bush is…but it’s bright red flowers called out.

Hurry Spring! So looking forward to spending time with you!