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thinking/trusting: today is Flag Day and Sunday, Fathers’ Day. not sure how frequently these two events are so close together – guessing it doesn’t really matter. today, my thoughts turn to my dad who was a proud soldier in the US Army, during WWII. tho’ he never went overseas to battle, he and his troops were ready, even tho’ they didn’t get to go. after the war, Daddy  remained in the US Army Reserves, until his death, 40 years later. my father believed in the principles on which this country  was founded (and is still engaged in making the mark): respect, liberty and justice for all. I am reminded that I, too, must keep the faith, must trust that the foundation is strong and goodness will persevere…

gratitude/gifts: we have been graced nearly all week with subsequent rare June days. it has been a joy to sleep with open windows, greeted by sunshine- filled mornings and delightful, just-right temperatures…

inspiring/inspired by: clouds. yesterday and today, the sky’s been a study with glorious, magnificent clouds rolling by, occasionally hiding the sun …and then a breakthrough.

 feeling/finding: looking ahead, a nearly blank calendar – as in, no outside appointments  – for nearly the next two weeks…hmmm. wondering how I will fulfill those days, hours, moments of promise…

wishing all a weekend filled with many moments of promise…and fulfillment.

unraveled wednesday |6.12.19…

Chris has a busy week:

  • Monday: celebrating his 5th birthday. One only turns five once! I think 5 year-olds are pretty neat people: they know just enough to be independent and still adorable little people.
  • Tuesday: PreK graduation.  My sister – his great grandmother – bought him the cap + gown (worn after the ceremony) and the label on top of his mortar board! The ceremony was at 8:30 am! ~ which meant I had to get up and arrive at his home by 7:45 am! After all the excitement, we went to iHop for brunch. When I arrived home, I took a nap!
  • Saturday : Birthday celebration at a Lego Playland.


I have finished the 3rd color of the log cabin squares and planning pink for the next.  The books are three new-to-me this week; the Stacey Abrams title – from my friend Margaret, taking a detour with me – is on its way to Kayla.  Both the Debbie Macomber Be A Blessing and the 100-Day Goal are journals.  Debbie – a prolific author and knitter – is also a journaler and this book is bright, colorful, cheerful, inviting. I may pass it on to Kayla, too. The bella Grace magazine features an article: Cultivating Quiet by Michelle GD; she is featuring a companion free course this summer on her blog .

We’re having another rare day in June; I think I’ll take a walk to the neighborhood coffee shop – then return for a bit of stitching. Joining Kat and friends for another Unraveled Wednesday.





TGIF | 6.7.19 …


Thinking: where has the morning gone? It seems to have disappeared, poof! As tho’ someone waved a magic wand or uttered a few magic words. This morning, I’m trying on ideas and spending the time leisurely, in tune with all sorts of sensory stimulation…soon, 1 PM, EST, t’will be time for Journal Club…and then, a trip to Whole Foods. The larder is bare …


  • the ceiling fan as the breeze cools my skin;
  • the sound of frozen berries as they fall into the bowl;
  • the sight of the gentle movement of this tree’s leaves, caressed by a breeze;
  • the sweet peach flavor of my tea and its
  • aroma

Inspired: the June issue of O – the Oprah Magazine. Bright. Colorful. Summery. And filled with all sorts of images for collage…in addition to the monthly book reviews and Oprah’s signature “What I Know for Sure” closing column. This month’s article begins “OH, WHAT A TIME to be a woman.” The piece goes on to focus on the advances women are making in the world with specific focus on New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Arden during the Christchurch Muslim community massacres.

Fun: I shared this story with Dee about teenage hair – mine! – in response to a blog comment made earlier this week:

“Love It! My hair @ 16-17 was graced with pink sponge rollers most of the time except when I was in school! I tho’t I was hiding the fact that I’d cut my long tresses – as my father so aptly described when he asked one evening at dinner: “Whatever happened to Honoré ‘s long tresses?” Durn! Caught in the act!

Needless to say, other than being embarrassed, the world didn’t end! But that was pretty much the end of my long tresses. I’ve kept my hair mostly short ever since…

Have a great weekend!


* I’m joining Michelle GD for her free summer series here .

unraveled wednesday | 6.5.19 …


I can’t believe we’re into the 5th day of June…only 25 more days to go til July…and  then this date, the 5th, will be after July 4! Kat mentioned that she was still a bit unraveled after her trip to Michigan…I too have been unraveled for the past month…and I didn’t take a trip to Michigan. Since Kayla’s graduation last Wednesday, I bought a new car! Thursday afternoon, we went to Look/See and about 5 hours or so later, I was driving the new car home! It is a Honda CRV- with a sunroof , keyless entry,  and a computerized dashboard, etc. I expect that in due time, I’ll figure it out. The above picture is a layout I made for the annual May 31 days LOAD  – layout a day – Challenge! As for that, I met the challenge and I’m glad that LOAD is over for a while…I think we have a 7 day mini -LOAD in August. By then, I expect I’ll have totally recovered.


Apple opened a new “store” in a former Carnegie Library in downtown DC. This past Sunday, Kayla and I went for a photo-walk session…and Kayla took the above photo. The background is one of four panels painted on a building…each panel is one of the letters in LOVE.  I’m standing in front of  which letter? Your Guess?*


After the walk, we stopped for dinner at ZAYTINYA. The middle Eastern style cuisine was good and for dessert, we had a tremendous rain storm, complete with hail stones! The above is a before photo. Don’t your just love Kayla’s h-u-g-e earrings and fancy nails?

Needless to say, I haven’t done much in the way of anything else over the past week…savoring the slow resumption of normal routines and rare June summer days…

Joining Kat and friends here.


*Yep! V it is!


Kayla’s Graduation | 5.29.19…

I come to you from my niece’ Kayla’s graduation from high school – 609 strong!

Diplomas are being given out – and with them, peaks of joy and screams from friends and family in the stands. We are seated at the U of Maryland’s Xfinity Center – where basketball is played.

Soon our girl Kayla will walk across the stage … and I’ve no doubt we’ll be just as loud and excited! A milestone and a moment in our lives – for the graduates and their families . We’re proud of all and wish for them the realization of the promise this day holds for them … and us!

There she is! A Graduate!!! 10:39 am EST!

Go Kayla Go! You did it!


Memorial Day |5.27.19 …

IMG_8752Today has been appreciatively quiet… as I guess a Monday holiday should be. I took a walk about an hour ago, choosing not to go to the pool (which opened Saturday) ’cause I thought it was going to rain. Yesterday, I started to the pool also…and turned around after about a block: the sky grew dark, thunder rumbled in the distance. When I returned home, the satellite TV signal had been lost – that’s how we know somewhere in the area there’s a storm brewing. Long story short: much ado about nothing!

On Monday mornings, the convener of my Friday Journal Club also leads a group session called Mindful Mondays. Both sessions are great ways to bookend a week; I really enjoy and benefit from the double opportunity to use my words and Jamie’s guidance and tutelage. I appreciate her insight and ability to provide comfort, clarity, and community. We gather from ’round the world and many of us participate in both sessions.

IMG_8745On my afternoon walk today, I saw and liked this photo of a sidewalk – in a way, it reminds me of a quilt block…but I’m thinking it might be good for the back yard. This is the year it gets attention: possibly a new deck and for sure, flowers, bushes along the fence, a tree or two…and a place for Hazel (niece Chris’ puppy) to run.

IMG_8749Aren’t these bright and cheerful? Enjoy the rest of this holiday weekend.



the week in review: 20 -24 may 2019 …

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sometimes mondays … are spent attending a quilt exhibition of Mimi Dietrich’s Baltimore Album Quilts, on display at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore. The Baltimore Album Quilt -aka as BAQ – is a Maryland grown quilt, created primarily by women’s church groups in the 1840s & 50s in Baltimore City; and so called an album because each (of the 6, 9, or 12 and sometimes 15) block is called an album. Traditionally, the quilt block’s main colors are red and green. Mimi, widely acclaimed for her BAQs, is a hometown – as in Baltimore –  girl and teaches a year’s long class that ends if one stays on task with a BAQ! Monday afternoon, about 25 of us from my quilting association carpooled to Baltimore for a tour of the exhibit, led by Mimi – whom we all know and love! Besides being an accomplished quilter, excellent teacher, she’s tremendously funny and inspiring!  The exhibit was just delightful and so much fun to see so many of Mimi’s quilts on display in one spot. I do not exaggerate: we were all inspired and my enthusiasm for making a BAQ rekindled. Prior to going to the exhibit, I’d decided to push the restart button – to begin again for the first time – later this year

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unraveled wednesdays … I’m not sure what happened with the day ~ it just went! The day was comprised of

  • counting the many joys of my life, shared in the photo above, the first side of a two-sided scrapbook layout for LOAD;
  • making a quilt block ;
  • reading: I started Stephen King’s memoir:  On Writing and am finding it deliciously fun and quick, as in flow, and
  • knitting a few more  rows on my forever lap blanket. Simple garter  stitch and excellent practice…

Chris and Kayla Prom smile

(this photo was taken in Oct 2009 for Chris’ Homecoming dance; Kayla was 9)

today! thank goodness it is Friday … and the day of Kayla’s senior prom! She has been waiting for this day, since she was 10, 8 years ago.  Then Chris, her older sister, was prom bound. Kayla thought seeing all the girls in their dresses and guys in tuxedos and couples driven in stretch limousines was just magic. We gather this evening about 6:45 pm at the prom site. The day is lovely and I imagine/trust the evening will be also…

and that’s a wrap for this week. Enjoy your weekend!



TGIF | 5.17.17 …

Today, this little girl, aka Kayla, then 4 years old and now, a high school senior, attended her last day at school. This picture was taken when she first started preK, 14 years ago. Time flies…

Goal – less: I’ve spent the entire day drifting from one thing to another… my “plan” was abandoned early. I’d signed up for a free online journaling “class” and left after about 10 minutes. Not my cuppa tea. The day turned out to be lovely, weather wise : low 80s sunshine. And no humidity! A perfect opportunity for a leisurely walk…

Inspired by my mid afternoon walk, I spent about an hour making a layout for today’s LOAD (layout a day); the challenge : a surprise and a 4-word title…

Feeling a bit tired – probably bored is a better descriptor – so I’ll end this post, have a glass of wine and knit a bit…

Wishing all a delightful weekend…