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Last month I wrote that I was working on the habit of dressing in “street clothes” before I went downstairs in the mornings for MSQT (morning solitude and quiet time). I did  most mornings – primarily motivated by my aim to walk before the temperature climbed above 90°F, which, unfortunately, happened at least 21 days this month!

Several side benefits of my morning walks:

  • a few more mornings at Zeke’s (coffee shop) …
  • chance to enjoy more of the season’s colors displayed by the flowers …
  • more audible books read
  • several when I get roun tuit items on my “to do” lists are now “ta da done!”

I think this habit is a good one to continue. Joining Juliann and friends for this month’s One Little Word share.




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… a tiny calendar update: Christmas is exactly six months away! will you be ready? that is, if you celebrate the date? and no, I’m not trying to rush the season despite the fact that we’re entering into our first summer heat wave…’t’was just a thought that flipped through my mind as I changed the block calendar this morning and again, just minutes ago, when I sat down to pen this post…

so, the question is: what do I have to share about my progress – or not – with my word? As they say in the ol’ country: fair to middlin’ 

I chose my word because I wanted to make better use of my time on a daily basis… one habit I especially wanted to create: getting dressed in the morning before I went downstairs for MSQT. For most of my nearly 10 retirement years, my day begins in my jammies. Why? I just don’t  a) like to “dress” and b) see much need if I ‘m not leaving the house before 10-11 am. The downside: tho’ I’m totally relaxed and enjoying whatever I’m doing, I also am postponing the doing of other things that are of importance and value —so, I think. And I’ve found that I stay in a state of mental quandary: this? that?  maybe the the other? …well, maybe no…maybe yes… and so it goes… A broken record that gets on one’s my nerves! Resulting in not-a-thing happening, getting done, etc. Even Scarlett (Gone With the Wind) ran out of tomorrows…

This past month, I decided to make a tiny change-up: most days I actually began the morning dressed! Even I am impressed! Am I checking off more things on my “get it done!” list? Dubious but then, it may be too early to tell … perhaps if I found the list?

tbc…joining Juliann and others here


FLASH! FLASH! My Apple Watch just reported: Today is my 81st consecutive day of meeting/exceeding my daily Move goal! I like the accountability feature the watch provides. Hmmm: Wonder if I can get it/an app to work for a few other things/habits?!


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(Dogwood @ Franciscan Monastery, 4. 24.19)

Spring 2019 has been exceptionally lovely, albeit a tad cool, but colorful and delightful, nevertheless. My April was filled with lots of lovely time spent outdoors…

Habits are interesting: hard to both make and break. Habits challenge and reward. I am the sum total of my habits :

  • I am creating and/or refining habits, activities that contribute to a healthier and  happpier ME – happier is not to say that I am unhappy ’cause I definitely am not;
  • I am creating a new daily groove…spending my time and energy engaged in activities and habits that spark joy, fill me up, and move me closer to reaching my  creative goals;
  • I am creating habits that contribute to a happier/better life for me, family, friends, and those who I encounter on any given day.

I am ready to continue my journey. But now,  @ 2:30 pm, I’m going to take a lovely walk outside on this 81°F day!

Joining Juliann and others for a One Little Word update.

my word| 3.26.19 …


T’is the last Tuesday of the month – joining Juliann and others for  a “My Word” update.

In the overall scheme of things, I’m trying to establish some new, different habits and break familiar, sooo comfortable old ones. On some fronts, I’ve been right on track, making progress, implementing small yet steady changes and others, I fall into the “try a little harder” camp. On a scale of 1 – 10, I’ll give myself an overall 6.9 of 10 score…

Specifically, I am focusing on these areas:

  • Blog: I’ve decided that I’m going for a M, W, and F  – 3 times a week publication schedule, fitting in other days as an occasion or topic warrants, e.g; the last Tuesday of the month is update on my 2019 word… I think this best schedule, providing  flexibility in not only writing posts but also replying to comments in a more timely  manner. Since I moved to WordPress I’ve been “reply challenged,” trying to get the hang of a different and more timely system. I think I know what I need to do…and I shall give it a try; staying on top of communicating on a more timely basic with the wonderful blog community. Thanks everyone for being here and encouraging me and one another on!
  • Life: We all have daily to do items, places to go, people to see, things to buy and /or make, household chores, etc. These can easily mushroom and so I’m trying to cultivate the habit of  the “Power Hour” ~ a daily/weekly time to attend to : @ the computer; chores: calls; cleaning; döstädning; errands; etc. It’s so easy to let these things slide and then there’s a big build up, especially in the @computer/tally on-going-expenses areas…Some things I aim to do daily and others, weekly – or X-# times in a week as with blog posts. Perhaps these categories are not HABITS as much as they are FOCUS ACTION  areas ~ things that grab my attention at least once a week…
  • Creating/Creativity: My list expands and contracts, sometimes, oft times because of a deadline that suddenly looms large ’cause I am easily, inspired, wooed. Thus, I find myself having to give my undivided attention to the deadline…The habit I am changing is that of saying NO to brighter, shinier objects so I can and do, indeed say YES! to engaging in, exploring, experiencing my own creativity…and most importantly to stop writing a thousand notes on a thousand random pieces of paper. When I master that, I know I will  have arrived!

So, there t’is: a brief snapshot of my thinking and evaluation of month 3 living with my word: habit!  Do visit Juliann to see how she and others are fairing with their words. How is yours thriving in your life?