Color Makes Me Happy

Spring in Washington DC has arrived! Several years ago, my word was “color.” In all its glory, my daily walks -even on those days when it was a tad, ( a lot ) chilly – have been a sheer visual delight. Spring and Autumn in the nation’s capital are generally beautifully colorful. Come, join me on a quick tour .

Yesterday, Friday, was rainy and cool… t’was still the best for the work Mother Nature does to provide daily colorful journeys and happy Spring memories.

Happy Spring!

8 thoughts on “Color Makes Me Happy

  1. I’m fully convinced that spring is our reward for making it through the colorless months of winter. There are so many beautiful colors out there! You have even more in your neck of the woods, so thanks for sharing!


  2. Happy Easter weekend! We’ve had one daffodil bloom, but there aren’t many signs of Spring’s arrival here. The forecast is for warm temperatures for the next five days, so I’m hopeful we’ll be seeing some green as well as some of the beautiful colors in your photographs!


  3. What a joy to see so many beautiful colours in your city, Honoré! Indeed, it must lift your spirit … We’re s bit behind this, edging out of Winter but not into a full-blown Spring yet, so it has been really cheering to see your lovely photos.


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