one little word | 3.28.23 …

3.26, was Friendstitch Sunday … the six of us always, always look forward to these monthly gatherings, now in the 9th year. This past Sunday, we met at Michelle’s and were greeted with gorgeous spring flowers: daffodils and amaryllis. For Christmas 2019, I gave Michelle (and the others, each) a bulb… Michelle has the magic green thumb. We were delighted to see the amaryllis in full bloom. In addition to being treated to a spectacularly colorful array of flowers, we had an absolutely delicious meal. Yum! The memory of Sunday makes me happier…

My walks, most days, weather permitting, I am greeted by the constant display of signs of Spring: magnolia and cherry blossoms, daffodils, maple trees and forsythia bushes. Delightful.

For the past year, I’ve focused on s-l-o-w-l-y retelling my AmaZe – about me, A-Z – life story that I hope to publish as a memoir style photo album/book. My goal is to have completed this project close to June 1, 2023…If I meet this self imposed deadline, I’m confident I’ll be happier!

The star is a needlepoint I found as I’ve been weeding my stash of projects – a project long overdue but also one that has very tangible results. And this too, makes me happier.

You know, happier is a good place to be! What’s making you happier these days?


7 thoughts on “one little word | 3.28.23 …

  1. We missed you on Zoom on Sunday, but I can’t think of a better excuse for missing it than a gathering of stitching friends! Sounds like it was a wonderful time. And this time of year is certainly a great one to be amazed by the beauty to be found in nature!


  2. look at those blooms! and cheering on your upcoming AmaZe me finish! Blue skies, sunshine, and so much less pain in my knee are all making me happier these days.


  3. Look at the gorgeous flowers inside and out. I’m glad you and your friends continue to gather to stitch. I wish you well on your AmaZe project. Today on my walk I saw some miniature daffodils blooming – the first outdoor flowers this Spring. They made me happier even though the March wind was blowing and the air was quite chilly.


  4. Lovely to read and hear your upbeat tone of ‘happier’ … nature near you is further ahead than us – we’re still at the daffodil stage here, but the yellow is very cheering. After the wettest and greyest March since 1981, we have some sunshine today so that is making me happier :).


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