unraveled wednesday | 2.19.20 …


Hello! Yes, I’m still around… I took a break from blogging; not meaning to but it happened. There just weren’t enough hours in my days and I had a groaning board agenda or perhaps I’m just not too organized. Whatever, my days have been full; I can’t quite believe a week has come and gone. Time flies…

  • On Valentine’s Day, I finished the second tree quilt block for Australia and off they’ll go tomorrow. Wahoo!
  • Monday we got a new microwave oven. Wahoo!
  • I have kept up with LOAD (making a scrapbook layout a day).Wahoo!
  • I started what I think will be the last big block on my log cabin 9-patch lap quilt and then I’ll decide the next size blocks I’ll make. Wahoo!
  • I am finishing Fever … later than I planned but I expect to do so before Feb 25.

Time for me to hit publish and go fix dinner…Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday.


an idea… maybe



  1. Several years ago, well to be exact, in 2015, I bought a small table loom and yarn with the idea of practicing weaving. It has become a bucket list item…
  2. Last week, 2019, I treated myself to a tin of FineTec pearlescent colours. These watercolors, when painted on black watercolor stock, are brilliant…
  3. Today, 1.2.2020, I had an idea related to documenting my 2020 habit journey: I will weave  – Rumplestiltskin anyone? – and paint  – Monet? – habit trackers to document my OLW journey, one or more months…

Joining Carole for Three on Thursdays…


ode to my mug …


~11 may  2014~

All good things come to an end and this morning, my beloved ceramic tea mug*  bit the dust. I’d washed the cup in the dishwasher and emptying said, picked up the mug, out of the top rack, by its silicone sleeve whereby the mug slid out, landing on the granite counter – of course! Result: the rim of the cup chipped on two sides – opposite, mais oui! – thereby rendering the cup useless.

A quick web search this morning yielded many replacements but none quite measure up. A while back, I bought a similar mug from IKEA and it seems to come closest to the real thing! With Christmas coming – just 30 days away – I will soon be using my fave Scotty Dog mug – best for hot tea and hot chocolate – until I find a suitable replacement or Santa brings a new mug.


In every cloud, there is indeed a silver lining; a post for today plus a zillion – I exaggerate a wee bit – mug shots (pun intended) above, taken over the years, through all seasons, morning, noon, and night. Seldom has my mug been beyond arm’s reach. I suspect the mug is still serviceable as a pen/pencil holder. I’ll consider.



*gifted to me by my dear friend Linda in Oregon, May 2014.

one little word sept update | 9.24.19 …


I read a lot of articles and books on habits and had this article show up in my google feed, I’m sure thanks to the miracle of one’s surfing habits. I share because I like the author’s tone and the information is always worth reviewing, reconnecting, reprising.

Last month, I wrote about my penchant – a fancy word for habit – for writing notes, ideas, thoughts, oops! – I forgot, on any available piece of paper within arm’s reach. I have diligently been working on erasing that habit, with a modicum of success. To date, I’ve whittled notes down to three( or so) receptacles, pictured above. They are, top to bottom:

  • Rhodia notepad @ my computer
  • Rhodia reverse book – an 8 x8 spiral bound with dot grid paper
  • traveler’s notebook/calendar

The last two I generally have close at hand and if push comes to shove, I can always jot down things in my iTools… when I remember.

Habits are hard to make …and/or break but slowly, there is progress.

How are you doing with your word? Joining Juliann for September’s  one little word update.


sometimes mondays| 8.12.19 …


I took an earlier than usual walk this morning, at the tail end of morning rush hour. The sky was as clear as crystal and the temperature, in the cool 70s. As I wended my way, I saw a gift bag, sitting on the ground at a bus stop. Of course, I had to take a look-seek : the bag was empty, save for some sort of advertisement. Amusing… curious … why was the bag there? Oh well, tho’ I’ll never know, I thought: perhaps this day was the gift. Yeah! I think I like that thought, a lot!

What gift/s did this day bring you?


olw: habit| 7.30.19 …


Last month I wrote that I was working on the habit of dressing in “street clothes” before I went downstairs in the mornings for MSQT (morning solitude and quiet time). I did  most mornings – primarily motivated by my aim to walk before the temperature climbed above 90°F, which, unfortunately, happened at least 21 days this month!

Several side benefits of my morning walks:

  • a few more mornings at Zeke’s (coffee shop) …
  • chance to enjoy more of the season’s colors displayed by the flowers …
  • more audible books read
  • several when I get roun tuit items on my “to do” lists are now “ta da done!”

I think this habit is a good one to continue. Joining Juliann and friends for this month’s One Little Word share.




sometimes mondays | 4.8.19 …

…the air has that just washed, after a Spring rain smell – tho’ it hasn’t rained, just clouds. The grey clouds and white flowering trees make a pretty, soft palette. Tho’ I’ve been up a couple hours, I’m just now settling in to:

    journal, write …
    revisit last week …
    plot out this week …
    note that for a change, I’m the one with a medical appointment …
    overall, a week with just the right balance …

And that’s a good thing! Always welcomed!

Here’s hoping that your week also has just the right balance, too!


a taste of Spring …

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Today was our first real taste of Spring…just six days away! Temp in the low 70s and the sun shone. Our Thursday stitching group met, starting off our gathering with a Groaning Board, indeed! Of course, in between bites, we solved all the world’s problems – we wish! Nevertheless, we ate well and enjoyed each other’s company. Toby, the cat, took it all in and decided, now’s the perfect time to nap!