sometimes mondays| 8.12.19 …


I took an earlier than usual walk this morning, at the tail end of morning rush hour. The sky was as clear as crystal and the temperature, in the cool 70s. As I wended my way, I saw a gift bag, sitting on the ground at a bus stop. Of course, I had to take a look-seek : the bag was empty, save for some sort of advertisement. Amusing… curious … why was the bag there? Oh well, tho’ I’ll never know, I thought: perhaps this day was the gift. Yeah! I think I like that thought, a lot!

What gift/s did this day bring you?


olw: habit| 7.30.19 …


Last month I wrote that I was working on the habit of dressing in “street clothes” before I went downstairs in the mornings for MSQT (morning solitude and quiet time). I did  most mornings – primarily motivated by my aim to walk before the temperature climbed above 90°F, which, unfortunately, happened at least 21 days this month!

Several side benefits of my morning walks:

  • a few more mornings at Zeke’s (coffee shop) …
  • chance to enjoy more of the season’s colors displayed by the flowers …
  • more audible books read
  • several when I get roun tuit items on my “to do” lists are now “ta da done!”

I think this habit is a good one to continue. Joining Juliann and friends for this month’s One Little Word share.




sometimes mondays | 4.8.19 …

…the air has that just washed, after a Spring rain smell – tho’ it hasn’t rained, just clouds. The grey clouds and white flowering trees make a pretty, soft palette. Tho’ I’ve been up a couple hours, I’m just now settling in to:

    journal, write …
    revisit last week …
    plot out this week …
    note that for a change, I’m the one with a medical appointment …
    overall, a week with just the right balance …

And that’s a good thing! Always welcomed!

Here’s hoping that your week also has just the right balance, too!


a taste of Spring …

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Today was our first real taste of Spring…just six days away! Temp in the low 70s and the sun shone. Our Thursday stitching group met, starting off our gathering with a Groaning Board, indeed! Of course, in between bites, we solved all the world’s problems – we wish! Nevertheless, we ate well and enjoyed each other’s company. Toby, the cat, took it all in and decided, now’s the perfect time to nap!

mandalas and spring …


~quilted mandalas~

     My quilt group meets weekly on Monday. At the end of each meeting, we have show-n-tell, an informal sharing by members of their recent quilting projects . This is a photo of quilted mandalas; I have a secret love affair with mandalas. Occasionally, I color one or try to create my own design. When I saw these, I knew I wanted to add making one or more to my someday maybe quilt project list. I chatted with the maker of these and asked her to send me a reference to the magazine and  instructions, if she still had them. She did and left me a message last night. Hmm, I thought, I think I might have that issue… and by golly, I do! I think I bought it before Christmas, skimmed the issue and marked the article to read/try later How about that for a bit of serendipity?


~this tree~

This morning I was convinced that I saw just the faintest signs of green on this tree, often featured on my blog as I use it to track seasons. We’re having most welcomed spring temps. Yesterday, 60s and today, 70s. Maybe Phil was right – Spring will be early! Only time will tell…



Today, I took a long walk – the first in days. I was on the lookout for forsythia; too soon…but I did see #blueskybuds ! And that made my heart sing!

What signs of spring have you seen?


collecting december 2018 …


It seemed to me that we had an inordinate amount of rain-filled days in December, which may explain why 1/3rd of the photos are nature and sky themed…rain, rain but no snow! Despite, there was lots of holiday decorating and merry making spread throughout, including Christmas Day. This year, my sister’s oldest grandson joined us (#26). The photo before –  #25, tho’ not so clear –  is a group pic of my nieces and nephews…I guess I was taking the picture and not sure what happened to my sister… Throughout, there are a few quilts  – two made by fiends in my quilting group; I close out the month with two photos of the hanging of the Flower Garden.

2018 is a wrap and 2019 is off to a good and modest start!


9 birds, etc…


nine birds, usually in a row

not today tho’; one chose to


and then it flew away…


It has been a busy day…on the agenda: my annual eye exam  (yesterday was Norman’s) to be followed by a few errands. The latter never happened…by the time my exam was over, dusk and evening rush hour traffic were upon me. Driving home, my eyes still dilated, the lights – street; car head and rear, brake, turn – twinkled like stars. I wished to take a photo but realized that the camera wouldn’t see what my eyes did . As I drove through UMD campus, off US 1, parked on the green: a WWII – I think – military airplane. I suspect it is there in honor of tomorrow’s Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.



art enables …


The above piece of art was created by a person with one or more disabilities. This photo is not the best representation.  Unfortunately, the window in which it hung created a transparent backdrop – so one sees the reflection of the street and me.

I took this photo last Sunday afternoon, on my way to Zeke’s, my neighborhood  (about 1.5 miles) coffee shop, for a caramel latte.  Several doors down from Zeke’s is Art Enables, an “Art Gallery and Vocational Arts program dedicated to creating opportunities for artists with disabilities to make, market, and earn income from their original and compelling artwork.”

Art Enables is closed on Sundays.

Monday morning, as I drove past, on my way to my quilting group meeting, I thought:  On my way home this afternoon, I’ll stop and inquire about the piece. I was pretty sure it was for sale. Later that afternoon, as I drove by, there was a big gap where the painting had hung. Apparently, someone else was also smitten…

I was sorry to have missed out but grateful that the work was sold. I do intend to stop in and inquire about the painting’s creator; perhaps she or he has other works for sale too!