mandalas and spring …


~quilted mandalas~

     My quilt group meets weekly on Monday. At the end of each meeting, we have show-n-tell, an informal sharing by members of their recent quilting projects . This is a photo of quilted mandalas; I have a secret love affair with mandalas. Occasionally, I color one or try to create my own design. When I saw these, I knew I wanted to add making one or more to my someday maybe quilt project list. I chatted with the maker of these and asked her to send me a reference to the magazine and  instructions, if she still had them. She did and left me a message last night. Hmm, I thought, I think I might have that issue… and by golly, I do! I think I bought it before Christmas, skimmed the issue and marked the article to read/try later How about that for a bit of serendipity?


~this tree~

This morning I was convinced that I saw just the faintest signs of green on this tree, often featured on my blog as I use it to track seasons. We’re having most welcomed spring temps. Yesterday, 60s and today, 70s. Maybe Phil was right – Spring will be early! Only time will tell…



Today, I took a long walk – the first in days. I was on the lookout for forsythia; too soon…but I did see #blueskybuds ! And that made my heart sing!

What signs of spring have you seen?


17 thoughts on “mandalas and spring …

  1. No sign of spring here. We broke a record yesterday for high temperatures, but it was a one-day event! Back to freezing rain tomorrow. There was a warning sign on the expressway tonight when I came home from tutoring.


  2. Those mandalas are gorgeous! And, spring signs here – my forsythia branches are all turning color – we have a good spate of warm weather and lots of rain in the forecast for the rest of the week. I hope they don’t bloom because by Sunday winter comes roaring back!


  3. Signs of spring????? Are you kidding????? Not probably for months yet here. . . although with the crazy weather (climate change), maybe I should start looking! I love the mandalas! (I have a secret “thing” for them myself.) XO


  4. Don’t you love when you have just the magazine or pattern you want??? It doesn’t happen often, but it sure is a happy time when it does.

    I love the mandala with the lacy “doily” in the center. But, really, they are ALL pretty.

    My daylilies have popped up the smallest touch of green, but it’s been up for quite awhile. Is it a sign of spring? Well, maybe.


  5. Serendipity indeed :). Your unconscious may have known what you needed before the rest of you did? The mandalas are very intricate and beautifully done with that delicate crocheted (?) edging. Cheering to see those blue skies and read of your warm temperatures. Our snow is mostly gone, and I did see some snowdrops yesterday …


  6. Just a week ago I was out walking without a jacket and noticing the daffodils beginning to peek through the soil. Today it is 15 degrees out, the road is like an ice rink and they are predicting another round of snow on Friday so you can put me in the Phil got it wrong camp!


  7. I’ve had similar serendipity experiences with knitting patterns … I tell myself it’s a sign I need to make it 🙂 lots of signs of spring around here. including forsythia!


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