collecting january 2019 …


January has been a full month, filled with:

  • time with good friends;
  • moments spent with the little boys;
  • several stitching gatherings;
  • good food; and
  • winter/wintry weather –  which also meant fewer treks outdoors.

I read, stitched, knitted and also took a few photos of the sky and winter trees – have I ever shared that I like “naked ‘ trees the best? So much of their character is revealed with the sky as background. We watched a couple Super Bowl football playoffs and plan to watch the game with pizza and champagne. Years past, tho’ not recently, Norman’s had Super Bowl parties.

On the 12th, I stumbled upon The Cleveland Symphony Orchestra’s performance on PBS! The pianist, Lang Lang, played my favorite Mozart piece: Piano Concerto No. 24. The entire performance was superb, especially the camera work. Watch here .

The quilt shown on the 28th was part of my quilting group’s weekly show and tell; I especially liked these two blocks of  one, and in particular, the flying goose surrounded by flying geese quilt pieces…

Sunday the 27th and Thursday the 31st, I joined stitching friends. I thought I’d make a Waterlogue collage; the top row of photos, L to R, show knitting, and needlepoint. The bottom row features needlepoint, hand applique´and machine quilting on a wall hanging.


This is the quilt (lower right photo)  – made by friend Diane- without the waterlogue. The quilt consists of gorgeous Asian fabrics, quilted with shiny gold threads. All very lovely.


And that’s a wrap for January! We’ve had snow all day, since about 6 am this morning; it rather looks like it might be ending. Tomorrow’s to be sunny and 44° Guess ol’ Phil will see his shadow…We all know what that means!

Enjoy your weekend!


13 thoughts on “collecting january 2019 …

  1. my first thought when I saw the collage was All those smiles. So many colors. So much joy. and then your words drew my attention to the blue skies and the fabulous handwork (love the waterlogue’d collage – note to self!). Wishing you a February full of more smiles, colors and joy … and warmer temperatures!


  2. We had snow for a good portion of the day as well, but it is finally over! I love your monthly reviews, and especially that waterlogue collage! But, seriously? That quilt… wow! It’s stunning!


    1. Indeed, the quilt takes your breath away in “real life.” I have lots of Asian fabric and am itching to play with it…inspired by my friend’s lovely piece! Watch this space…


  3. That quilt created from Asian Fabrics is gorgeous. What an inspiration. January looks to have been warm with friends, stitching, and beautiful little boys. They are growing.


  4. Such glorious colour for a month which is often drab outside … Your waterlogue montage is especially effective – I’ve only ever seen one photo at a time done like this. (Must give this a go!). The photos of the little ones in your family always make me smile, with their infectious grins and zest for life. Lovely to see ones of you too, looking equally full of life!


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