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~oops, she made a mistook! ~ 

     This stitcher’s most coveted tool is her seam ripper… and she’s had plenty of practice using it over the past couple days. Stitching the blocks of a special quilt  she’s making. For some weird reason, she’s also being challenged in arranging the blocks in the proper order…discovered, of course, after a few have been stitched together! Nevertheless, she perseveres and progress is being made, albeit s-l-o-w-l-y. If all goes according to her intent, she will have completed sewing 12 (5 blocks to stitch) of the 24 blocks together TODAY!  Sew Honoré Sew!


~often on her walks, she runs across a ‘free library’ ~

     This reader’s TBR queue is growing, almost daily. So many choices, so little time. Tho’ desired, one cannot do everything in any one single day, she reminds herself. One has to be a bit more discerning … She’s been thinking a lot about where she wants her reading to go and how to tackle the TBR queue. She’s not set a number of books to read in any given time period. When she was a child, the idea of reading a book perched in a tree or sitting by a fire at a ski lodge or on the beach  was very appealing. Alas, none of those desirable options are available today, either. She’s currently reading books relative to her 2019 word – habit – and zeroing in on memoir and an occasional fiction title – primarily as an audio book/walking companion. She received Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism yesterday, started it this morning …and had to force herself to close it…or nothing might’ve gotten done today, including the blog and the quilt blocks! Yep, she thinks it’s going to be that good!

So, it’s time for her to return to the sewing machine and quilt blocks…or perhaps, take a quick read with lunch. Heads or Tails???

Joining Kat and friends for today’s Unraveled Wednesday .


17 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 2.6.19 …

  1. Those seam rippers! I had to buy a couple of extra ones because Fletch kept taking mine to use for something (??) and then not returning it….sorry you had to rip out some seams, but with that tool it doesn’t take long. Like you, I’ve not set a “goal” of reading “X” number of books this year (or in any time frame). I am getting much, much better at letting books go that are not appealing (I used to be the type that if I started a book I HAD to finish it. No more!).


    1. I too have more than a few seam rippers…they do go “missing;” I venture to say I’ve quit more books than I’ve kept count. Too many other choices out there.


  2. Hoping your sewing was very successful – ripping seams (or knitting) I find such a dispiriting task. That’s a smart photo of you … and an interesting range of books. I’ve not come across Digital Minimalism. Lucky I have a birthday coming soon :).


  3. That Digital Minimalism book sounds VERY interesting. I’ve put it on my TBR list on Goodreads. While I enjoy my tech (I wouldn’t know YOU without it. LOL), I’d bet very interested to read others opinions on it.

    Good luck with your quilt. Hugs, Dee


  4. You are responsible for adding to my TBR list on a regular basis. Not that it is a bad thing; it’s not! I’ve enjoyed many of them—though not as many as have remained on the list for lack of time. I have bookmarks in four books right now! Looking forward to seeing the quilt!


  5. Little Free Libraries are always so intriguing. What will I find today? And the seam ripper – a quilter’s best friend. I try to appreciate the fact that I can most often use the seam ripper and try, try, again. So Sew Honore Sew. Best of luck with that bright lovely fabric.


  6. I always peek at those libraries. But I never take any books. We live in a tourist town so I can see the need here. You are out for a walk and suddenly want a book to read on the bench by the beach….but you have no library card here. SO, you can love a LFL then!


  7. Hmmm, Digital Minimalism… I might need to check that book out! I too am most adept at using that blasted seam ripper! But, your little library makes my heart sing!


  8. I have a love/hate relationship with my seam ripper … funny that it’s a tool I like more when I don’t HAVE to use it?! and my vote is for Heads AND Tails!


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