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Today goes down in the record books as one of those rare autumn days: perfect, perfect, perfect! A friend and I spent several hours at Marjorie Merriweather Post’s Hillwood Estate, tucked away in NW Washington DC. We went to see the exhibit of famed Life Magazine photographer, Alfred Eisenstaedt,  followed by:

  • a tasty lunch in the Merriweather Café;
  • a walk on the grounds, especially the Japanese Gardens and
  • a stop in the gift shop, of course. I needed a birthday present and found a few somethings.

On the first of the month, the annual and last LOAD Challenge – a daily memory keeping  event – began; I also joined Michelle GD’s Get It Down month long journaling event. The two have basically commandereed my attention and energy; consequently, I’ve not done much knitting, quilting or unraveling; I should be getting back on track this weekend. I did receive my copy of Just Mercy and look forward to joining Read With Us .

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday!


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~elm leaves~

today, summer decided to return for a brief, very. hot. spell! at 4 pm, we were one degree away from the predicted high of 95° F… the weather’s been really dry this year and I think the trees are quite distressed. leaves -especially oak- fall and crunch underfoot (leaf collection doesn’t begin til 5 Nov). not seeing any color… maybe after today that scenario will change.


~new books~

progress is slow yet steady on my myriad of projects in the works. the three books pictured above mysteriously appeared at the front door; all are new publications. Start Finishing arrived last week; the other two, yesterday. wonder who keeps ordering these books? hmmm …

joining Kat for another session of unraveled wednesday.



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I’ve not added any new TBRs … On the log cabin front: the green is about 12 rows from done and I’m deciding which shade of blue to use for that last square. In one of my weekly Döstädning bursts, I discovered a few needlepoint canvases from days long gone; this one was nearly done so I finished it Sunday during Friendstitching.  Just in time too ~ Christmas is 3 months away… Just sayin’…

I am now real ... well, almost.  This morning, I went to DMV to renew my driver’s license. After standing in line for an hour, then sitting for another hour (not to mention gathering documents and filling out forms before I even went), my number was called. 15 minutes later, all the information was collected/documented and I left with a temporary paper license, good for 45 days … the real one expected in 15 days. I hope so!

We’re having deliciously cool fall weather, ’cause as Dee sez: It’s Fall, Y’all! Lots of oak leaves on the ground but color changes seem slow – or is it just my impatience? Norman’s off on a walk and I’m headed to my sewing studio to stitch more wonky stars.

Joining Kat and friends for unraveled wednesday.  How’s your day shaping up?



unraveled wednesday | 9.18.19 …

  • Two Things on my Bucket List


  • No less than 12+ years ago, attending a library pre-conference, I took a class on paper making. I enjoyed the class and promptly added to my bucket listtake more classes.  Fast-forward to yesterday, 9/17/19: Sorting through old family photos, I ran across the paper and booklet I made plus
    • not only  a photo of me making the paper,
    • but also an article in the March 2015 Washingtonian: The Great Washingtonian Bucket List: 50 Things Every Local Needs to Do!  Some of the items on the list I’ve done, some I know I never will, e.g., “ride through Rock Creek Park on horseback!”
    • There is one thing not on that list but is still on mine: take more paper-making  classes. And that jogged my memory: less than 5 miles away there is a book-making center that offers classes on making paper! Can’t get better than that, agreed?


This is a picture of a “Wonky Star” quilt block – I have 60+ – each a variation on the theme – that have been on my bucket list for way too long! I needed unifying fabric/s and finally found two pieces that I think will work. The multi-color stripes at the top will be the backing + binding. The other fabric( in between the block and the stripe) will be used as sashing: strips I will attach to all four sides of the blocks and then, sew the blocks together.

And with that I shall hit publish so I can proceed with stitching and also, take advantage  of today’s glorious weather, later, by treating myself to a sit-out at Zeke’s this afternoon, enjoying a pumpkin spiced latté  (I hope they have pumpkin spice) with A Gentleman in Moscow.

Joining Kat and friends for Unraveled Wednesday.



unraveled wednesday | 9.11.19 …


memories of  9/11/2001 – that fateful day and following weeks, 18 years ago, are still vivid in my mind and probably exacerbated by the the fact that I live in the Nation’s capital … I need not say more. I caught a bit of an interview with a woman whose husband was a New York firefighter. She and her children – now grown – have put their lives back together and I so appreciate their strength.

my days, thus far, this week have been quite full:

monday, our quilting association reconvened for the start of another year. I didn’t go to any meetings over the summer but I did reappear Monday. I am glad I did for on display, during the show and tell was a lovely quilt made by a member…I do not need another quilt pattern to add to my someday/maybe ever growing never getting smaller list of projects… but I have an idea that I want to try so I’m going to get the pattern and play… After the meeting, I went grocery shopping for on:

tuesday, I hosted our Recent Reads group. We missed the July gathering – yep! we were all looking forward to our September reunion. Our discussions and sharing of books we each had recently read was lively. Three of us have read Where the Crawdads Sing and agreed that it is beautifully written…we decided to say no more until our 4th reader has read the book. We meet again in November.  I added to my TBR list A Gentleman in Moscow. A friend had shared the book with me several years ago and it somehow fell off my radar so I thought I’d give it a try, finally. The third (top) title is new…the author teaches memoir writing and this is her memoir; I’ve not begun reading the book, yet – hoping tonight!

wednesday, today, I ran errands: credit union; post office to mail city taxes due this week and appointments with my eye doctor and physician to have forms completed  – some of the requirements re: the “Real ID”  driver’s license renewal process. Not on my agenda but on my physician’s: flu and pneumonia shots for me – one in each arm. So far, neither has been painful.

I have run out of steam  – unraveled?– all week and was determined today to post… Joining Kat and friends for another round.




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The holiday weekend ushered in a finish with the pink yarn block of the log cabin lap robe and introduction of the green; the last color will be the blue, also shown…and then ?  That’s to be determined.

I seem to be at a crossroads with whatever I pick up to read these days. I’ve a pile of books in various stages – but nothing’s truly grabbed me … so I dip into this, that, an oldie tho’ not necessarily a goodie, etc. I’m hosting our bi-monthly recent reads gathering next Tues; guess it would be good if the hostess had a title or two to share… Hmm, I wonder what it will be ‽

Yesterday was Chris’ first day of school – he’s now a full fledged kindergartner. Chris wanted to take the school bus last year but mom said when he was in kindergarten; the day finally arrived. Drum roll please, he was promoted to junior safety guard (whatever that is!).  The photo below was taken when Chris arrived home. Elias was delighted when the school bus brought Chris home – he missed his big brother, a lot!


Joining Kat and friends for another week of unraveled wednesday.


unraveled wednesday |8.28.19 …



I am ready to begin the 8th square on my log cabin quilt… when it’s done, I will have one more square to knit and then, start the process all over again!

I spent the most of this morning looking for needlepoint yarn for a tiny angel canvas I started centuries ago ! I didn’t find the color yarn I wanted but I did find a whole bunch of other angel canvases to needlepoint…who knows how long they’ve been in the queue?

Both audible and print TBRs continue to grow… everyday, I read a few more chapters in most. When I logged on to write this post, a notice from the public library in email:  a reserve is in…so, I’m out the door for my walk and to pick it up.

Joining Kat and friends for another Unraveled Wednesday!


unraveled wednesday | 8.21.19 …



My morning intentions were simple : take advantage of cooler temperatures and treat myself to an early walk and sit-out on the avenue @ Zeke’s. I gathered my stuff:  my journal + pen/s; iPad + iPhone; money; the book in the photo; and off I went. T’was still cool; that was good. About 4 blocks from home, I realized I’d left the plug outlet for my iTools…oops, I might need! I turned around, went back home to retrieve the plug and found a package at the front door – but not for me (for Norman). 

Off I went, again and finally arrived at Zeke’s – about a 1.5 mile walk. Ordered coffee and sat at an outside table, ready to take in the sights and resume MSQT. T’wasn’t to be. A woman sat at the table next to me – she was waiting for a bus to take her downtown. We struck up a conversation and maybe 6 buses later, she decided to continue her journey.

By then, my coffee cup was empty and I was ready to make the return trip home. I went inside Zeke’s to get some water for the journey and ran into a former neighbor; we chatted a bit and went our separate ways. On my way home, I ran into another friend and we walked about a half block together, parting company at the library. I meandered through the park, eventually arrived home, ready for a shower. Sadly, the heat and humidity had returned.

After my shower – not sure the time, I did a couple loads of laundry and went upstairs to write this blog post. But first, I checked email and you probably know what happened… I got caught up in the email …

It is now 5:20 pm. Laundry done; responses to email; a couple friends’ blog posts read and comments made – Welcome Home Mary! And finally, this post written and soon to be published.

Joining Kat and friends for their tales of unraveling; do take a look.


unraveled wednesday | 8.14.19 …


What you do from 5 -9 am is what you’ll do from 9am – 5pm ~ Stacy Julian

I loved the shadow of the pitcher – which sits on the table – the sun made about 7:25 am  this morning, on my Flower Garden quilt; quite apropos, I think… The quote I heard on a podcast during my morning walk. It all just came together so nicely… and was a nice entré for the day…I thought.


Over the past few days, I’ve been revisiting the practice of bullet journaling…a couple years ago I joined the world’s millions who jumped on the bandwagon…and then for some reason, I stopped. Maybe not completely – within my journal, I do a bit here and there but I don’t consider myself a real bullet journaler – whatever that is! I scoured my collection of books and previous Bujos (journals) and am reacquainting myself with those aspects I like, have used and new features I think I’ll try. I’ve come to the conclusion that predesigned journals and planners just don’t work for me but the blank page does. So, it’s off to the races I go, yet again.

The book Things You Save in a Fire arrived on my doorstep yesterday…addressed to me, apparently ordered by me from Amazon… A new release, the book has received great reviews from the likes of Kirkus, Booklist, NYTimes, Washington Post, Good Reads  (the author even gave herself 5 stars … and why not) . I

  • don’t know the author …
  • have read several pages …
  • am surprisingly intrigued to read on…
  • invite you to stay tuned!

This about wraps up my Unraveled Wednesday; joining Kat and friends here.