unraveled wednesday|10.14.20 …

I began the morning thinking I’d engage in MSQT on my Mac, upstairs in my craft studio – a fancy name, for sure. Fixing my morning tea, waiting for the tea kettle to boil, I gazed out the window at the this tree. It occurred to me that I’d not really taken a close look at it for a while – Oh my! Against the backdrop of a cloudless blue sky, irrefutable evidence of Mother Nature’s work as the autumnal season moves in/on… I decided to stay at the table to engage in my morning’s activity that refuels my soul : MSQT! As vital as a good night’s sleep, which I also enjoyed.

I have no idea how this – or any – day will unfold; I just know that at this time, I am so grateful for it’s return to normal :

  • Norman preparing his breakfast; the smells and sounds make a nice background…
  • My niece Dolly sends a text saying Chris was taking a practice reading assessment this morning and passed 100%. Next week: the real deal; I wonder why?!
  • Chris’ grandmother sends a text: “the Professor is awesome!” I laugh out loud!
  • N’s daily listen… CNBC – stock market program…
  • I contemplate today’s agenda:
    • Create today’s LOAD – 14 . (LOAD is a Layout A Day, the last month-long daily sprint for 2020)…
    • Noon Daily Pages break followed by a 1 PM Zoom session with another group of memory keepers …
    • Walk and listen to Happier with Gretchen Rubin, my fave podcast
    • Continue listening to The Mountains Sing. I am also reading it on my Kindle – trying to see if I like that combo…
    • Cast on, again for the 99th time, stitches for the second sock !!! I am determined to succeed!

It is time to move on with the morning and thus the day. I still have my AM reads and breakfast to eat. Joining Kat and friends for this week’s Unraveled Wednesday.


PS. My new blogging schedule got off track, right fast, yesterday. I had two appointments scheduled 1 – 3 PM. Today is a new day and another opportunity to start again for the first time.

12 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday|10.14.20 …

  1. I hope the morning’s promise played out! thankfully Marc doesn’t cook breakfast (but he does mix up a gawd-awful cup of coffee with oil, salt, and cinnamon, and who knows what else?!! when we get back from our walks – at least I don’t mind the smell of that!) … but CNBC is his morning thing, too. smells and sounds. Your tree is lovely!


  2. I confess… I absolutely love my mornings alone! (well, the me and Sherman kind of alone at least, lol) I am glad you are here today! And the glimpse into your day is most lovely!


  3. I too find the morning quiet essential to my well being. I never thought about comparing it to a good night’s sleep but that is an excellent comparison. I’m glad your life is returning to normal. I was also thinking about those Chris and Elias just the other day so I am glad to have a little news of them too.


  4. That is a wonderful tree as viewed through and framed by your window! I’m happy to start my mornings slowly and alone, but that may change when my husband retires!


  5. Honore, Troy and I hiked today and, there were so many rocks on the trail. I felt it wasn’t right to take a rock home. Back home I’m still looking for a good rock to put Norman’s name on for prayers and good healing thoughts for him. I hope to tomorrow. !


  6. There’s something so comforting about the normal sounds and sights and smells of the morning routine, isn’t there? I’m glad you paused to notice and appreciate that tree. I’ve been trying to make an effort to do it myself, especially because so often I’m running (literally) through the neighborhood. Some of the trees seem to have changed overnight and have stopped me in my tracks with their stunning color.


  7. Hoping that Norman making breakfast is a good sign that things are moving in the right direction. Beautiful photo. Wishing you a happy day with comforting sounds enveloping you in warmth.


  8. I think my “normal” routine is a broken routine! Life so often gets in the way of my best intentions for a “schedule.” 🙂 Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your day, Honoré.


  9. Isn’t is amazing how sometimes we can suddenly become aware of the accumulation of slow subtle changes, like we’ve just woken up. I don’t even know what is normal or routine these days, so I can’t possibly be held accountable to either. I am beginning to embrace that (at long last).

    PS Visiting from Alexa’s, and adding your blog to my reader, again.


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