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thinking : or as they say: best laid plans of mice, men and Honore´ … I wrote a draft of todays’s post earlier today but then got involved in sorting and planning several memory keeping projects for the balance of 2020. Can’t believe there are just 10 weeks left in 2020! Who-da thought we’d have the ride we’ve been on and are still on ???

grateful : for a stirring to resume a couple stitching projects – just as soon as I finish reorganizing my sewing room. one project on my agenda is “sewing school” for my nieces – they each want to learn how to sew and I have a few spare machines – one for each ( i.e., 3) plus a major supply of fabric, tools, etc. I think that with Zoom and my sister’s plus quilting friends’ help, we/they can do this…and heaven knows there are books ( many that I also have) and online resources to round out the curriculum. Christmas will be early this year…

interesting : “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” our neighborhood drugstore (Walgreen’s!) is still without rubbing alcohol – it’s been over three weeks. they are well supplied with hand sanitizers and masks and alcohol wipes and other COVID-19 related items… just no alcohol. truly a curiosity.

fun: October is another LOAD (layout a day month); I have been enjoying capturing autumn memories during this unprecedented year – COVID-19. The photo above was yesterday’s creation …

Have a great weekend!


12 thoughts on “tgif | 10.16.20 …

  1. The shortages are just so curious! Things I’d never imagine would be “hot” suddenly are impossible to find! I hope you can find what you need soon! 🙂


  2. It boggles my mind what you can’t find in the stores. I can imagine that a lot of people were buying rubbing alcohol when you couldn’t find sanitizer in the stores because they were making their own, but that was a while ago! The thing I haven’t been able to find much of is bathroom cleaner — I guess people are getting better about cleaning their houses thoroughly!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend and keep your head turned toward the sun!


  3. Such a lovely, warming and positive layout – as cheering as your lovely sunflower. I’m intrigued by your paper: did you print the background images onto it, or was it a happy find to go with your photo? Whichever way, it’s perfect. A great reminder to follow the light.


  4. I’m always impressed by your LOAD challenges. Honestly, there is almost NOTHING I do EVERY day for a month. and for sure nothing that creative! The sewing bug has left my house. I’m thinking the knitting and reading and tennis shoo’d it away. which might mean it’s unlikely to return anytime soon. I’m going to spend some time in November sorting through fabric and patterns and maybe – just maybe?! – that will entice it to return (just in case your sewing school doesn’t do that!)


  5. Ah, the mysteries of the supply chain! It’s hard to understand – or anticipate – what will be “hot” these days. It sounds like you have some lovely projects ahead — and teaching your nieces to sew will so much fun for all of you. XO


  6. The shortages are quite curious and I wonder if they vary in different parts of the country. We finally were able to purchase a better quality hand sanitizer – not that super sticky gel kind that we used because it was all we could find for months. I love your sunflower pages. I so enjoy your scrapbooking pages. You have such a special touch.


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