a habit update:blogging …

and the days dwindle down, to a precious few…september, november

I know that I’ve been AOL in this space since September 29th… In my last post, I said I was going to begin habit stacking and every day I awoke with the best intentions to establish the new habit as well as “Blog!” – a standing 5 star item on my daily agenda – at least 3 times a week. Tho’ my best laid schemes gang aft agley are conspicuously absent in this space, they are never in my mind!

Over the past ten+ days I’ve starred, underlined, bolded, highlighted, started, and abandoned posting… mainly because I’ve run out of time and energy. Life in these parts have taken a dramatic turn: Norman’s health has taken front and center, totally throwing previous schedules and plans out the door. These days: glucose readings and blood pressure monitoring coupled with many health consultations by phone are primary. He is doing well but we’re still working on the daily schedule revision. I think we’re finding our stride and settling into the new new normal.

Old habits are h-a-r-d to break; New habits harder to make.

To this end, I’ve decided that my blogging focus time – e.g., drafting, reading/responding to comments and blog visits – will be 1 -2 PM, give or take a minute or so! I plan to post M, W, F plus any special times of the month, e.g., one little word monthly linkup the last Tues of the month: 27 Oct, 30 Nov, and 29 Dec. Last month I designated the 1 PM hour for daily art journaling; I’m thinking perhaps Tu, Th and Sat/Sun for that activity. Time will tell…

To be continued…


16 thoughts on “a habit update:blogging …

  1. Sorry to hear about Norman!! Is it diabetes? My husband has type II. His has been going bad lately also. He had to start using insulin this year – and he was never on that before. Scary!


  2. Oh heavens. I am so sorry about Norman (and you!) I hope that you can find a rhythm with your new schedule that feels comfortable. Sending you lots of love!


  3. Sending many good wishes for Norman’s improve health! Our health should be front and center and I hope you can find a new daily schedule that works for both of you and becomes habit. Please take care of yourself, too!


  4. Although you know we miss you, Norman’s health and your peace of mind should be the focus! We will all be here when you return. Best wishes to Norman. The erratic nature of those readings must be concerning to him and to you.


  5. Wishing you and Norman the best on finding those new routines. of course it’s a no brainer that you’ve been absent from this space, but note – I’ve missed you! I have yet to find a new routine with blogging. and I’m about THIS CLOSE to saying fine. no rhythm 🙂


  6. I hope you and Norman are finding new routines and able to take good care of your health. I hope Norman is feeling better. I look forward to reading your blog whenever it makes sense for you to post. Be kind to yourselves.


  7. God bless Norman and you know your priorities. !!! Blogging is such fun,though, I am happyto see you want it in your week plans. Do you know your diabetic education well? They can be wonderful. You see them more than the doctor.
    I’ll keep norman in my prayers Honore, you too


  8. I think you’ve been spending your time very wisely — Norman’s health is far more important than blogging! I hope you both settle into the new routine and he continues to do well. The blog will be here when you’re ready to come back!


  9. I’m so sorry to hear that Norman is having some upsetting health issues. I hope he is back on track and feeling better soon — and that you are able to make adjustments to your days to accomodate both taking care of Norman AND still find time to pursue the things you want to do. Be gentle with yourself, and don’t worry if you can’t stick to a regimented schedule. Sending XO.


  10. So pleased and relieved to see your post and, at the same time, concerned for you both at this difficult and changing time – apart from the amount of time appointments and anxious monitoring take, they also absorb a lot of energy … Hoping you’ll find little pockets of time for you, and we will still be here whenever you are able to dip back in. Thinking of you both and sending warmest good wishes.


  11. Hope Norman is feeling better. He is lucky to have you caring for him. It is stressful at any time, but particularly during the Covid pandemic. It’s always of the utmost importance to be your own or a family member as a strong advocate. Stay well. Hugs.


  12. Hope Norman [and you] are coping with the health challenges. I agree old habits are hard to break and the new one-yes-hardER!


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