sometimes mondays| 2.18.19…



… are very leisurely. Today,  Presidents’ Day,  has been filled with making lists, plans, menus and layouts (I am doing a layout a day, LOAD 219 that I’ve done every year the month of February for about 9 years) and a very extended MSQT (Morning Solitude and Quiet Time)! Just about 10 minutes ago,  I looked up at the clock and realized the day is well on its way to being over…

Today, it’s quiet and windy, sometimes sunny; other times, not! I think I will pause doing not much of anything and take a quick walk.  That should help me refocus my attention (and energy ) and get back to my lists, plans, menus and today’s layout/s – featuring a bit o’ green…hmmm, I just realized that yesterday was St Patrick’s Day.*

Trust you are enjoying a leisurely day, too!


*PS. 3:15 PM. Oops, as I walked I realized St. Patrick’s Day is in March.

sometimes mondays | 2.11.2019 …


(I went to IKEA yesterday and treated myself to a frozen yogurt…yes, it was cold out!)

…are messy! It appears that winter has returned, despite Phil’s declaration, throwing a monkey wrench in everyone’s plans. I’m sure the school kids are delighted – especially if they have snow. We just had a dusting followed by rain and now: frozen snow! I am not complaining for my drive north was cancelled. As I see it, time returned to my schedule and an opportunity for me to finish – or at least get close –  the quilt I’m making… there, on the ironing board:  24 stitched blocks.


Once I’ve pressed the set on the right, I will join all 24 …and voila: a quilt top. I think first, tho’, I’ll straighten the chaos in my sewing studio – there’s only so much disorganization that 72 sq foot room can accommodate*.

Time to get on with this day. What’s on your agenda? Whatever, enjoy!


*Note to Self: I probably need to consult with IKEA’s design team; they have a knack for maximizing small spaces.

sometimes mondays | 1.14.19…

9c0274dd-4e07-4380-a472-a99a1f6cb1d4…are snowbound! Doubting Thomasina, aka Honoré, is sitting at the table, enjoying the fruits of Mother Nature’s 30 + hours of soft and steady snowfall. The snowflakes were the type that made you want to stick your tongue out and catch a few…and they also reminded me of making snow ice cream; yummy!


Sunday morning, about 9:30 am, an unscientific count by moi: eyeballing and using a ruler to approximate the ledge of snow on the deck bannister gave me a measurement of 3.5 and growing inches…I’m afraid I’ll be housebound today as I don’t think I can get out of the garage until the snow plow and/or warmer temps come through…

The snow interlude has been very helpful to my Döstädning : Master Bedroom closet cleared! Sewing Studio tackled and completed!  A lot – not that which I’m discarding or donating – of what I removed from the closet made its way across the hall and that  72 square feet was already filled to the gills. Garage here we come – just as soon as I can get out of the house. To be continued…


~today’s morning sunrise~

We totaled about 9 – 11 inches of snow! Any snow in your neck of the woods? Here’s to a good week.


PS. The first two photos were taken Saturday! I couldn’t get out on the deck this morning!

sometimes mondays | 1.7.2019


are spectacular sunrises and new kimono sweaters:


sunrise at 7:23:13 am


new kimono sweaters

The story behind the kimono: shortly before Christmas, my friend Diane sent me a text inviting me to look at the above kimono on HSN…she thought I’d like it, especially since it came in my favorite color…and she’d bought one for herself – in red (her fave color, I do believe). I thought, why not and told her to go ahead and order. They came; we both liked and decided to wear to quilt meeting today…

I thought is was fun that Mother Nature also decided to display reds and yellows for today’s sunrise…t’was very dramatic and a delight to watch. Tomorrow, Tuesday 8 January, the temperature’s set to rise to 60 degrees…and come Wednesday, drop precipitously, rain and perhaps even snow by week’s end. Guess that’s January.


sometimes mondays | 12.31.18…



are gloomy … yet this Morning Solitude and Quiet Time (MSQT), and days to come, is brightened by a Flower Garden quilt hanging in the Great Room! Yesterday, friends Ed and Margaret hung the quilt. Today, t’is a delight to sit, sip (tea) and enjoy the colorful blooms of the quilt I made and completed (after 4 years!) January 2017!

We are looking forward to watching the ball drop at midnight in NYC and toasting the New Year! Big things are on the horizon!

Wishing all the very best in 2019! Back again Wednesday 2 January 2019.



sometimes mondays | 12.24.2018 …


… look like an amaryllis in bloom.

Several weekends ago, I went to Lowe’s for an electric baseboard heater…it was bitter cold and we decided we’d best get the heater just in case the 20+ years’ old furnace decided to quit…just in case. While there, I saw these containers with amaryllis and the promise that a) it did not need to be watered or transplanted and b)  blooms in 3 -6 weeks. Intrigued and skeptical, I bought 5 – oh why not? They made fun and interesting gifts for my Sunday Friendstitchers and by golly, they bloom !


I wasn’t sure what to expect but I am delighted…

Wishing all a wonderful holiday. I’ll return Wednesday!


sometimes mondays | 12.10.2018 …


7:40 am  30° F

  • microwave running ~ boiling water for a second cuppa tea …
  • thinking maybe I will ask Santa to bring me an electric tea kettle – hmmm …
  • sweater blanket around my shoulders to keep me warm – it’s kinda cold this morning …
  • blue sky dotted with white clouds, some tinged with pink, here n there …
  • I stop to breathe for 5 minutes and …
  • hear the distant sound of a train’s whistle.

My tea’s steeped and soon I will end MSQT to fix a salad.  Today is my quilt group’s annual holiday luncheon. The salad is simple, tasty and colorfully Christmasy . Here’s the recipe:


I diced some of the red pepper and used the slices as garnishment.

Hope you’ve had a quiet start to your Monday too. Have a grand day!


sometimes mondays …



are bare, stately trees against a bright blue sky dotted with white puffy clouds on a 53° F sunny December day, bright red berries and



fabric giraffes, made by a member of my quilt group. I think the giraffes are delightful and plan to make one each for Chris and Elias. Too cute! Too much to hope completed in time for Christmas?  Perhaps a 12 Days of Christmas gift…

Time to get ready for a big band jazz concert at U of Maryland…a fitting end to a busy and delightful day! What brightened your day?



sometimes mondays |11.26. 18 …


…are nearly over before I know it!  This has been a full and rewarding day:

  • beginning with the last of 8 weekly planning sessions, Mindful Mondays, facilitated by Journal Club coach, Jamie Ridler;
  • lunching with a dear friend to celebrate our November birthdays – hers is two days before mine. We don’t see one another often enough. We chatted about quilting and little ones – grands: her four and my two great grand nephews, all under 5 years;
  • ending with stops at the credit union and IKEA for their Raskog cart – my fifth! Raskog unfamiliar to you? Just do a google search and you’ll be amazed at all the uses and hacks…be careful to not fall down the Pinterest rabbit hole

It is time to slow down and close shop…have a pleasant evening.