simply a moment|august 2022 …



On my walk today, I noted more  leaves, in various stages of turning color, on the ground. Autumn, according to the meterological calendar is September 1 – just 16 days away! I feel the excitement building in my mind – despite the fact that I have no special plans on the agenda.

Thus far, weather this week has been ideal and is much appreciated! Today, since Sunday past, I’ve been able to go for a walk to and through the park, just 3 – 4 blocks from my house. Round trip, my walks are at least a mile long, take about 35 minutes and include a few hills to “climb.”  Weekdays are especially fun for the littles – children from a couple local day care centers are in the park: playing on the jungle gyms, swinging; toddlers, practicing their walking and the older ones, learning how to “get along.”  “Oh no, you can’t snatch that toy from someone ‘just ’cause you want it,” or push someone out of the way, just ’cause you can, etc… I smile as I observe these interactions. Ah life!


I arrive home and note just how lovely is the crepe myrtle – another treat of the summer-to-fall season’s glory. I am ever grateful for these morning walks.

welcome summer 6.21.21 …

Summer arrived with a vengeance ! Temps are in the 90s – even in Washington state! Yesterday, Norman’s son was visiting and as they are wont to do: solved all the world’s problems – I wish – in between watching baseball games and other TV events.

I took my sister to Laurel and decided, since I was near, to make a quick run to Savage Mill. I needed help with a couple fountain pens that were not writing ( probably becuz the ink had dried, duh!). It was very quiet, i.e, I didn’t hear any cicadas; perhaps their time is over – or at least winding down. I was delighted to see my friend Patti, owner of The Queen’s Ink; I’ve know her easily 10 years and last saw her Dec, 2019. She looked great; her hair was especially delightful – you know color – my 2021 word. And the t-shirt she was wearing was stamped with outlines of cicadas – her cicada had a crown! If you look closely, you can see the tips of the crown on her shirt …

In addition to ink, I bought a couple 3.75 x 5.25 sketch book journals – the paper is ideal for drawing, sketching & journaling with pencil, ink, crayon, markers, pastels, etc – and the eight signatures are sewn! I also bought a 3″ x 5″ GELLI printing plate. Playing with it, the sketch journals and my fountain pens is going to be sooo much fun!

I am eager to resume my WANDER journaling/sketching dates to the National Museum of Art’s Sculpture Gardens. When I do, guess what’s coming along with me?

Trust it’s cooler in your part of the country .


weekending | 12. 28-29.19 …

saturday 28 december

Mother Nature provided a delightful taste of spring – temps in the high 60s and since my plans for the day were rescheduled, I decided to make a WanDer* trip to the Smithsonian Mall, specifically the National Gallery of Art’s  Sculpture Garden. I ws looking for a gift, had something special in mind (unfortunately, what I wanted wasn’t in stock any longer – but I found a suitable substitute.). As I was plotting my agenda and Metro (subway) trip, I discovered a store totally dedicated to journal writing tools: journals; pens; Traveler’s Notebooks; planners; etc … Yes, Virginia there is a full fledged journal/planner store!

After making my purchases, I took Metro to the Smithsonian Mall! Lots and lots of visitors…


line waiting to get in the Museum of Natural History


while eating lunch, I enjoyed watching the  ice skaters


sunday 29 december

Friendstitching Day.  It poured buckets most of the day… perfect for a day of stitching and reconnecting with friends.  We were treated not only to good food but wonderful details from friend Michelle’s recent trip to Copenhagen, Praque and Paris!

The butterfly is a needlepoint being stitched by Margaret; it will eventually be a pillow. The upper right photo is cross stitching friend Pat started many moons ago, she says; her plan is to finish in 2020. I think all the stitching’s done. She just needs to frame. The lower right is also needlepoint, being stitched by Michelle. (If I remember correctly, she bought the canvas in Paris). I am close to finishing a cap I started knitting earlier this year!  Just a few more rows and bind off! Yes!

And now it’s time to wrap this up and go fix myself some tea. Unfortunately, Santa brought me a cold…  I’ll be back tomorrow with an end- of-year One Little Word update.


*WanDer is my shorthand for scheduling solo journeys to the Smithsonian Mall; I aim for once a quarter ~ don’t always make it!

this past weekend …



Q: What do two retired librarians do on a hot Saturday in July?

A: Attend a day long event, “Books to Leaf Through This Fall ” listening to local indie bookstore owners preview their picks of this year’s new books in : Literary Fiction, Biographies and Memoirs, Local Authors and Mystery/Suspense categories. Friend Margaret treated me ~ an early birthday (Nov). In addition to a list of potential good reads, we were also excited to learn about the four bookstores.

The event was sponsored by the Smithsonian Associates and held in the Ripley Center on the Smithsonian Mall. The Center is unique in that it is a round building on ground level and all the meeting, exhibit and office space are three floors below ground.


After the program, we each went separate ways (we  take different Metro trains home).  I moseyed across the Mall to the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden & Restaurant, ordered a decaf  iced caramel latté and watched the fountain spray. T’was all very refreshing and relaxing.

Saturday, I clocked 11,523 steps/4.43 miles. I’d walked to the Metro station in the morning and started to walk home from the Metro station in the afternoon; got about 2 blocks and a bus pulled up. I jumped on for 2.5-3 blocks and then walked the short distance to the house. Needless to say, Sunday I was a tad on the worn -out side; I was pretty sedentary. Today, I am resting … tho’ I did go for my daily walk. Tomorrow I may’ve recovered.




unraveled wednesday | 6.5.19 …


I can’t believe we’re into the 5th day of June…only 25 more days to go til July…and  then this date, the 5th, will be after July 4! Kat mentioned that she was still a bit unraveled after her trip to Michigan…I too have been unraveled for the past month…and I didn’t take a trip to Michigan. Since Kayla’s graduation last Wednesday, I bought a new car! Thursday afternoon, we went to Look/See and about 5 hours or so later, I was driving the new car home! It is a Honda CRV- with a sunroof , keyless entry,  and a computerized dashboard, etc. I expect that in due time, I’ll figure it out. The above picture is a layout I made for the annual May 31 days LOAD  – layout a day – Challenge! As for that, I met the challenge and I’m glad that LOAD is over for a while…I think we have a 7 day mini -LOAD in August. By then, I expect I’ll have totally recovered.


Apple opened a new “store” in a former Carnegie Library in downtown DC. This past Sunday, Kayla and I went for a photo-walk session…and Kayla took the above photo. The background is one of four panels painted on a building…each panel is one of the letters in LOVE.  I’m standing in front of  which letter? Your Guess?*


After the walk, we stopped for dinner at ZAYTINYA. The middle Eastern style cuisine was good and for dessert, we had a tremendous rain storm, complete with hail stones! The above is a before photo. Don’t your just love Kayla’s h-u-g-e earrings and fancy nails?

Needless to say, I haven’t done much in the way of anything else over the past week…savoring the slow resumption of normal routines and rare June summer days…

Joining Kat and friends here.


*Yep! V it is!


sometimes mondays | 4.15.19…

…are days of rest

It’s been a quiet, delightfully so, morning and so far, afternoon! today, I did not have other than to sit here at the table, all morning long, taking it easy, easy, easy!

Yesterday, I clocked more than 12K steps: the Selfie Queen – niece Chris – and I went to the annual White House Garden Spring Tour…we were among the hundreds. We enjoyed the tour and as Chris said: the flowers know no party. Despite the day’s being overcast, the Smithsonian Mall and museums were busy, busy.

From the gardens, we walked to the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden and Restaurant – where we ate lunch and rested…and then, Chris called Uber to take each of us home.

I was wiped out by the time I arrived home – as I pen this post, am still. But that’s been quite OK ’cause I have no place to go today or anything due!

~this tree this morning @ 7:04 am~

Today I’ve been sitting here at the table, since early this morning, watching Mother Nature blow the clouds in and out, the sun come and go.

sometimes mondays are days of rest …

weekending | 12.16.18 …



Today dawned bright and sunny, a tad coolish but dry! Over the weekend, we had a mini monsoon – well,  not quite but certainly lots of rain. On Saturday, in between downpours, friend Margaret (MT) and I went on a house tour in the town of Cheverly MD., a small municipality right next door to Washington DC.

It never ceases to amaze me how steeped in United States history is this area, the Nation’s capital, that I’ve called home since 1974. On the tour, our first and most delightful stop: Mount Hope, a home built circa 1880s, sitting on a hilltop. Surrounded by trees and a huge front porch offering lots of outdoor living space, and shelter from the relentless rain, the house, a typical colonial mansion, restored and renovated for 21st Century life, still very much holds its 19th Century charm. One could easily imagine living there…


We visited 5 of the 7 houses on the tour; our second favorite : a circa 1950s, I’m guessing, 2-story ranch style house, recently renovated. The owners created a continuous video loop showing the renovation. A unique feature: a set of card catalog drawers built into the wall just inside the front door. Not sure what it was for but certainly an eye catcher.

Each home on the tour also served wine, cheese, hor d’oeuvres – very welcomed on that very rainy day!


Sunday, the rain continued; I traveled to Columbia for our monthly Friendstitching gathering. We met at new friend’s Michelle’s  house: very lovely, warm and charmingly decorated with a variety of Nutcrackers. Food was delicious: baked salmon; spinach salad; green beans; rice and of course, dessert featuring Michelle’s cookies. She fixed each of us a lovely little box of delights to take home. The little pouch sitting on top was made by Pat – one for each of us with different fabric. The Scotty dog for me. Each pouch was filled with candy but could be used for paper clips, ribbons, etc…


The piece de resistance was Coconut, Michelle’s little dog 13 years . Coconut slept while we needlepointed, knitted chatted…and the rain, continued.

Tho’ wet, a fulfilling and delightful weekend, nonetheless. How was your weekend? Drier, I hope.