weekending | 12. 28-29.19 …

saturday 28 december

Mother Nature provided a delightful taste of spring – temps in the high 60s and since my plans for the day were rescheduled, I decided to make a WanDer* trip to the Smithsonian Mall, specifically the National Gallery of Art’s  Sculpture Garden. I ws looking for a gift, had something special in mind (unfortunately, what I wanted wasn’t in stock any longer – but I found a suitable substitute.). As I was plotting my agenda and Metro (subway) trip, I discovered a store totally dedicated to journal writing tools: journals; pens; Traveler’s Notebooks; planners; etc … Yes, Virginia there is a full fledged journal/planner store!

After making my purchases, I took Metro to the Smithsonian Mall! Lots and lots of visitors…


line waiting to get in the Museum of Natural History


while eating lunch, I enjoyed watching the  ice skaters


sunday 29 december

Friendstitching Day.  It poured buckets most of the day… perfect for a day of stitching and reconnecting with friends.  We were treated not only to good food but wonderful details from friend Michelle’s recent trip to Copenhagen, Praque and Paris!

The butterfly is a needlepoint being stitched by Margaret; it will eventually be a pillow. The upper right photo is cross stitching friend Pat started many moons ago, she says; her plan is to finish in 2020. I think all the stitching’s done. She just needs to frame. The lower right is also needlepoint, being stitched by Michelle. (If I remember correctly, she bought the canvas in Paris). I am close to finishing a cap I started knitting earlier this year!  Just a few more rows and bind off! Yes!

And now it’s time to wrap this up and go fix myself some tea. Unfortunately, Santa brought me a cold…  I’ll be back tomorrow with an end- of-year One Little Word update.


*WanDer is my shorthand for scheduling solo journeys to the Smithsonian Mall; I aim for once a quarter ~ don’t always make it!

11 thoughts on “weekending | 12. 28-29.19 …

  1. What a lovely day. And 60 degrees – pretty nice for the end of December. That Journal store would be trouble for me that is for sure. I bookmarked the website.


  2. That journal shop looks amazing. I don’t think I’d ever leave!

    I love that you make it a priority to go to the Smithsonian Mall so often. What a gift to live so close! My sister in law lives in the DC area and never goes into the city. What’s the point of dealing with the high cost of living and all of the traffic if you don’t even enjoy the attractions??! :p

    Happy New Year’s Eve, Honore! I’m glad I found your blog!


  3. My next visit: we must GO to that journal store. I looked it up online, she has some non leather options I may check out. BUT a store…dedicated to…journaling…made my heart smile. Thanks for sharing your WanDer! ❤


  4. That journal store? I have total shopping envy! How did you manage not to spend the whole day there? :). Those are some lovely projects just a few steps away from completion. I am intrigued by that sentence on your friend Pat’s cross-stitiching.


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