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Over the course of the past month, I’ve been considering candidates for my 2020 word. Last week, I thought I’d settled on the word CULTIVATE – one of many candidates. Others in contention: create/creative; finish; focus; garden; grow; Yes to No!, etc. The list of candidates grew longer and yet, nothing just quite grabbed me.

Saturday, I started reading Wendy Wood’s  Good Habits, Bad Habits, a book that’s been in my TBR stack easily a month, six weeks. The  book has received favorable reviews; the more I read, the more convinced and comfortable I became that YES! Habit was going to continue to be my word in 2020.

Habit permeates all aspects of life:

  • complicates yet eliminates decision making;
  • fascinates yet eludes;
  • helps and hinders;
  • liberates and traps;
  • confounds and explains
  • etc; etc; etc.

I am really looking forwad to continuing my journey with Habit. 2019 was a year of flirtation; I just didn’t really get very involved. I plan (hope?) 2020 to be an entrely different story.

In 2019, Juliann of Chasing Stories invited us to join her, the last Tuesday of the month and share an update on our experience with our words. She isn’t going to continue hosting our sharing;  I volunteered to keep the practice going in 2020.

I hope you will share your 2020 word and join the monthly updating the last Tuesday of each month. For this month, December 2019, please leave the link to your post in the comments. The January, 28, 2020 post will  have the inLinkz (link up) active.

I look forward to our 2020 One Little Word journey.

Happy New Year!

PS. You can read  about Juliann’s 2020 word here


16 thoughts on “my word, continues …

  1. I think this is perfect! I hope by gaining myself time to dwell, I can puzzle out some habit irk I need to doi in my own life. Thanks for keeping the monthly reflection going.


  2. Thank you for offering to host our OLW journeys in 2020. I did a wrap up of my 2019 word today on my blog since I didn’t get to do it last week. I’ll announce my word tomorrow and I’ll be sharing my monthly updates here.

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  3. What a great idea to continue with Habit! And thank you for hosting our monthly meet-ups. My new word for 2020 is on my blog today (she said with fingers crossed that my post worked…).


  4. Excellent choice, Honoré! and thank you for hosting these gatherings in 2020. The monthly posts really helped me keep on track with my word and I so enjoyed sharing what everyone else was learning, too. (I’m still wrapping up 2019 right now, but I’ll have a 2020 word to share soon.)


  5. Some words are just so good that they deserve our continuing attention! Looking forward to the opportunity to focus on our words with you monthly; thanks for hosting!


  6. Habit is the perfect little mantra! I love this. Thanks for hosting in 2020 – I hope to join in!

    I’ve added the Wendy Wood book to my TBR; it looks fascinating! Thanks for the recommendation.


  7. I kept a word for two years running, and although the second year wasn’t as productive as the first, it was not a bad choice. Don’t see how you can go wrong with YES, HABIT! My OLW post will, hopefully, go up tomorrow. I’ve already put the last Tuesday on my calendar for an update, and hope this will work better to keep me on track than Ali’s OLW course did last year.


  8. Habit is a fantastic word and if last year wasn’t that productive, perhaps this year can be! I linked over her from Karen’s blog and want to join in on the monthly OLW update! 🙂


  9. Looking forward, as always, to your thoughtful writing on your word and how you ate journeying together. I guess that words can sometimes be like people we meet – it takes time for an acquaintance to grow into a friend :).


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