unraveled wednesday | 1.1.20


Happy New Year! Yesterday, the UPS driver rang the bell and delivered a package with the two books shown; I’d completely forgotten I’d ordered and they were to be delivered the 31st! Tiny Habits will be a great follow-up to Bad Habits. Good Habits. I’m almost done reading it.

Whizz Bang is by an Australian quilter; her book – in both French and English simultaneously – has taken the quilting world-wide community by storm, according to the press I’ve read. I’m eager to dive in the book and play with the technique but will hold off until I’ve strengthened  a few habits (habit, my 2019 word, I’m continuing in 2020). Good things come to those who wait

The knit piece is a hat I started last year; I’ve about two rounds of knitting to do before I bind off and it’ll be done except for the tassel

One of the things I’m focusing on as I work on recalibrating my creativity habits is to identify UFOs that I will keep or donate. My goal is to donate most and finish any I keep from years gone by before 2021 arrives.

Joining Kat and friends for another year of Unraveled Wednesdays.



15 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 1.1.20

  1. Oh I love a surprise package. Even if I ordered it and promptly forgot it – lol. I don’t quilt, but that second book has piqued my curiosity. Happy New Year!


  2. How fun to get a package of books in the mail – after Christmas. I am anxious to hear more about that quilting book. You have a good goal of sorting through the WIP’s to see what is worth working on and what should go to a new home. Happy New Year.


  3. Fun! I did that BJ Fogg online course on your recommendation. Will need to look for that book in my library. I finished sewing my couch pillow covers today – trying to make daily making a habit!
    Happy new year!


  4. The Tiny Habits book sounds interesting. You’ll have to give us a review when you are done.

    Hope you have a very productive “knock-out those WIPs” year.


  5. Yay for surprise deliveries! Whizz Bang looks fun – I’ve put my sewing machines away in the last couple of years, but maybe this could be something I can do with all of that fabric I have collecting dust!


  6. I really need to get my sewing projects under control in 2020. Happy New Year and look forward to following you on your journey.


  7. I love the idea of unexpected deliveries … seems Alexa won’t let me forget that I’ve ordered ANYthing though 😉 And those two books don’t seem that surprising at all to be showing up on your doorstep! I look forward to hearing more about them – and all your finished projects! – in the upcoming months. ah, the inspiration of a new year!!


  8. Both of those look tailor-made for you right now! And deciding to make a decision about unfinished things by the end of the year looks like a productive move too …


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