an idea… maybe



  1. Several years ago, well to be exact, in 2015, I bought a small table loom and yarn with the idea of practicing weaving. It has become a bucket list item…
  2. Last week, 2019, I treated myself to a tin of FineTec pearlescent colours. These watercolors, when painted on black watercolor stock, are brilliant…
  3. Today, 1.2.2020, I had an idea related to documenting my 2020 habit journey: I will weave  – Rumplestiltskin anyone? – and paint  – Monet? – habit trackers to document my OLW journey, one or more months…

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13 thoughts on “an idea… maybe

  1. I’m not sure I understand the habit tracker, but I do love the colors on the grid and can see how they might work up in a weaving. those pearlescent colors though, look really intriguing and I hope you share them (on that black paper) soon!!


  2. That’s a great idea – I’ve seen set ups for tracking habits with colored markers and they can look really beautiful!


  3. What a fun idea! You MUST share!!! I’m curious to see both your weaving and your painting. How large is your loom? My friend has a small one and makes dog leashes and other things of that size.


  4. Now that’s an interesting visual to see how you are keeping up with your goals. I’ve had weaving on my list for a while too. Supposed to be a great way to use up yarn.


  5. That looks intriguing! Not to mention colourful … When I was a child, I used to make a ‘loom’ out of the cardboard from a cereal packet – happy memories :). I’ve always loved weaving. Such a great metaphor too. Hoping that your new habit tracking is enjoyable as well as useful – always more likely to succeed.


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