sometimes mondays | 1.6.20 …


… are bright, sunny, even tho’ a tad bit cool (temp range 37° to 47°) , and just perfect for a brisk mid-afternoon walk on my favorite route: through the neighborhood park.

During MSQT, I played a bit with watercolor pencils and made a quick drawing of the sky and a tree. I hadn’t used the Watercolor app in sometime so I thought it’d be fun to revisit. Me thinks I’ll play some more, a lots more…

The dryer just shut off – a signal that laundry (an all day affair, it seems) is done…and time for dinner before I wind down for the evening. Tomorrow’s another day and there will be left-overs from today’s agenda plus new items that need my attention…



14 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 1.6.20 …

  1. We had very similar weather here yesterday, and while the sun was out I was thinking it would have been great to get out and walk (but alas I was stuck inside at work). Love your watercolors!


  2. That watercolor is lovely. Getting laundry done in an entire day is impressive. At my house it tends to drag into multiple days!


  3. Laundry is never ending . . . 🙂 Enjoy your watercolor pencils! They will be such a fun addition to your journaling and MSQT activities. XO


  4. Your watercoloring is so pretty. I bet it’s a lot of fun! Yesterday was so sunny, but now it is grey again, rain and snow (??) in the forecast for this afternoon and evening.


  5. oh, watercolor PENCILS? do you wash them with water after you use them? amazon link forthcoming perhaps? fwiw, I think your watercolor is the best of the bunch.


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