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I’m enjoying end-of-year reading recaps. Today, I read Mary’s, Juliann’s and Elise Blaha’s… each has books I plan to read and/or have in my queue. My goal for several years: read more fiction. And I have… but I must also admit, I’m not reading as much in the genre as I think I should.*  So, what’s a person to do? Keep on keeping on is the short answer.

To help me I’ve outlined a simple fiction reading goal: each month I plan to read at least one of the Inspector Gamache  (Louise Penny ) titles until I have caught up  – tho’ that’s dubious ’cause she turns out books way faster than I’ve been reading them. Currently, I’m ready for the 6th – Bury Your Dead  – and she’s published 15! My plan is to read (listen) to the series. At that pace, I hope to finish the series before #16 is published … when?

The other part of my goal is to read, also monthly, a contemporary best seller. Currently, I have A Gentleman from Moscow, Water Dancer and The World We Knew in various stages in the queue. All of these titles are print. I have added The Dutch House to the list and I may listen to the audio version which has received good reviews.

My next challenge is to determine the best time of day for reading. Ideally, evening hours are prime except I have this habit of running out of steam when the sun goes down… I think I shall just have to experiment: maybe an early afternoon break and/or my late afternoon walk.

To be continued…



* don’t have to just want to

14 thoughts on “to be read …

  1. I was thinking I should pick up a copy of Gentleman in Moscow before my book buying ban begins because it is on my list and could be on my unread shelf. And best time to read is a puzzle for me as well. I like your plan.


  2. Sounds as if you have a good reading plan. Do listen to The Dutch House. Tom Hanks is a good narrator for this novel. I might not have found it near as engaging in the print form although I do think Patchett is a good writer.


  3. My reading time is before I go to bed. Screens off at 10:30 (after the local news) and read for 1/2 – 1 hour. Hope you get through your books.


  4. I have always preferred to read in the eve…but I’m finding my brain and eyes too tired and it’s easier to unwind with an episode in a series I like or movie. I made my Goodreads goal and then some for 2019, I really like the visual recap they create and will share on OTVGirls soon. I should hit 71 or 72 before the year ends. I like the idea of building in a reading break of an hour at lunch time and will pay more attention to eking out this time. I also read or listen when I’m at the gym on certain machines. A Gentleman from Moscow was in my ‘top five’ the year I read it! Keep us posted on your reading adventures. 😉


  5. You have some beautiful books lined up 🙂 Louise Penny usually publishes in late August, so you have some time! There’s some benefit to being behind in the series though — there’s always another one to pick up when the fancy strikes! I caught up this year and had to wait several months until the newest one was published and it was quite… agonizing? That’s totally dramatic, I know.

    A Gentleman from Moscow is one of my favorite reads of all time — I hope you enjoy it!!


  6. This sounds like a great plan for bringing more fiction into your reading life. You’ve got some great titles listed there and can never go wrong with Louise Penny. Happy Reading!


  7. As it often happens, your post sent me off on an exploration. I return after quite a bit of time determined to join The Unfinished Book Project, and add that to my list of intentions for 2020. A Gentleman from Moscow will definitely go on my list of unread books to finish. I started it awhile ago, but know it will be easy to pick up again.


  8. Wonderful books in your queue! I love my morning time where I can read to my hearts content. It has been a very good year for books for so many blogging friends!


  9. I don’t know how you feel about audiobooks, but when I joined Audible years ago, that was a turning point for me. No more deciding between reading and knitting; I could do both at the same time! Now I listen to more books than I read in print or on my Kindle, and it’s a nice mix of fiction and nonfiction. The narrator for the Gamache novels is good, and they are usually available from the library. Some books don’t work well in audio, but some fiction might be worth a try (and you could listen during a walk!)


  10. I’m with you on picking the best time to read. if it’s something I need to pay attention to evening is a bit tricky, and I’m trying to always have an audiobook at the ready when I’m in the car and walking the dog. Look forward to hearing about what you read in 2020


  11. I read before bed but my comprehension skills are waning so I try my best to read at some time during the day before 3 pm. this works pretty good. I also read on the treadmill at the gym with my kindle and that helps a lot.


  12. I am so happy to be listed at the top of this post! YOU have inspired me to read more non-fiction and I’m very grateful for that push. I tend to do my best reading dark early, second best middle of the day (I love to read while I eat lunch) and third before bed (because I fall asleep faster than I can turn the pages). and of course I find time to listen to books throughout the day. Regardless, all reading is good reading!


  13. Will be making a note of the books you’ve mentioned – I find fiction hard to get into, and feel I really ought to be more aware of what is currently being published (not to mention the huge backlog of stuff I’ve missed!). So perhaps I’ll take a leaf out of your book (!) and focus on contemporary fiction – at least the ones what make it into our local library :).


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