on Christmas morning | 12.25.19…

I awoke to witness another lovely sunrise following Christmas Eve’s glowing sunset. Quiet as I write; the furnace, chugging along, keeps the house warm. A dog’s bark – that momentarily shattered the peace- has ended. Frost adorns rooftops and grassy surfaces.

~a friend is a present you give yourself~

Arriving just yesterday, a package from friend Kathy; I open this morning and am greeted with a delightful mug and all sorts of Christmas/Holiday themed paraphernalia to include in my Christmas album/journal. I squeal -only to my ears – with delight!

My second cuppa tea, graced by a delicious Christmas cookie made by friend Betsy. Yum! Betcha can’t eat just one! Right. I treat myself to two!

Two new books, under the tree, ahem, await my perusal. Gifts from me for me. Simple Abundance is an updated version marking the 25th anniversary of the original publication. 366 days of reading await! Norman’s gift is in the freezer: steaks; burgers; pork chops…what he requested. In my car, new floor mats…

Today, this morning, will be quiet; we’ll join family mid afternoon. I’m excited to see what Santa brought the little ones: Chris, 5 and Elias, 2. Two Christmases ago, Elias, after a two months’ early arrival and nearly a month in the NICU, was home for Christmas. We are so grateful that both he and his mom are doing well.

9 thoughts on “on Christmas morning | 12.25.19…

  1. Beautiful gifts and you must tell us about that gorgeous wooden plate or tray – the colors and design are amazing! Happy Christmas. Unwrapping gifts with a three year old was quite fun around here!


  2. Happy day after Christmas! I hope the day was filled with quiet and not-so quiet joys. Amazing that little Elias is two!! I bet those boys had so much fun. And book presents for oneself – ahem – I am glad I am not the only one who does that. Let’s just say I padded a few book orders to help out Santa.


  3. What a lovely beginning! and beautiful gifts. I think you did an especially nice job with the ones you bought for yourself (that Melanie Falick title is showing up all over my Instagram right now – can’t wait to see what folks think about it once they actually read it). Hope you and Norman enjoyed a warm and happy day … and that you’re feeling better (that was NOT a nice gift to get at all!)


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