thoughts on my 2019 word …



As I, on the cusp of closing out this year’s experience with one little word, contemplate the myriad choices that have presented themselves over these last couple months of 2019, I’m struck with the small dictionary of words I’ve amassed over the past nine, ten, (eleven?) years. Begin. Complete. Document. Chronicle. etc.

My 2019 word: habit is one that I’ve toyed with perhaps all my life. Both the making and the breaking. As is my habit – pun intended – whenever I embark on a new adventure, I do a lot of research, shopping, trying a variety of approaches and experiences. Some might describe that as being attracted to bright shiny objects and in a way, I agree – tho’ I like to think of it as experimentation. This year was no different. Always, my aim/goal is to find the path of least resistance; as a result I think I often tire sooner than I should… mainly because I’ve not quite settled in/on a path, routine, etc. I guess one could easily describe those actions as “my habit” and thus, the raison d être for my having a lot of unfinished projects lurking in my closets… Having said all that, I’m surprised I get outta bed in the mornings <smile>.

My focus on habit for 2019 results in my affirming what I have always known: ideas and possibilities have the habit of grabbing my attention. It is who I am.

Because the year is coming to an end doesn’t mean that my focus on habit will end. I shall continue to keep the word and my actions at the forefront as I embrace my 2020 word, which,  I think as I write this post, will be _ _ _ _ _ _*

Do stop over to Juliann’s post re: her 2019 word!


*To be revealed next week; stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “thoughts on my 2019 word …

  1. Kym (Stepping Away from the Edge) had an interesting post awhile back regarding habit and routine. I really need to work on making a “routine”.

    Wishing you and Norman a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2020.


  2. I am not quite ready to be done with my word either – and it has very much influenced my 2020 word! I am excited to see what your word will be! (And, maybe we need a new link up to share our words monthly? That really helped me stay on track this year!) Merry Christmas to you and Norman! XO


  3. Merry Christmas to you and Norman! One of the distinct pleasures of 2019 was meeting up with you, and one of the pleasures of the last several years is our blogging friendship and sharing of ideas. Until last week I had no idea what word I’d choose for 2020, but suddenly it appeared and was just right. It’s never happened quite like that before. Off to Wisconsin tomorrow for a week with the grandchildren.


  4. I do think my words have become a part of me and I continue to benefit. I think the discovery or affirmation that ideas and possibilities have the habit of grabbing your attention is wonderful. I would add it is the sign of a creative mind. I say embrace all the possibilities.


  5. Well, we met in the comments on Ali Edwards OLW 2010 post and that was, I think, not the first year for either of us – so 2020 is for sure at least 12… and as I type that, WOW!!! Each year/word has contributed in its own way and I still feel a bit unfinished with most of mine as well. Of course the wooden reminders of each one also ensure they’re not forgotten. Here’s to another year/word and forever unfinished journeys.


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