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~day is done, gone the sun~

thinking… the month has really flown by, as has the year. Hard to believe that there are just 11 days left in the month and the decade! by golly, just this time 10 years ago I was preparing to retire…and wondering what would be next? how was I going to fill my time? realizing I’m still pondering that question…some things never change …

grateful … that we’ve not had to brave much cold weather this week, despite 20 degrees at the start of this day. Temps today made it to 40 degrees, and we’ve been greeted with sunny skies, thankfully …

intending … to brave the shopping crowds tomorrow and maybe look for twinkling lights that hang vertically in a window… still no decision on the tree (and soon it won’t matter – shhh). When I was a child, we did all the tree buying/trimming/decorating on Christmas Eve day…guess a part of me still operates on that clock … I recall that the year my sister’s son – my nephew – was just weeks away from his first birthday, she and I were traveling the streets of Toledo, well after midnight, looking for an open tree lot…which we found!

finishing … Just think, in a little over 19 hours, Fall will have been superseded by Winter.  Do you have shopping yet to do? Have a great weekend.






10 thoughts on “tgif | 12.20.19 …

  1. My shopping is done but I am sending you lots of Good Shopping Mojo! I have my fingers crossed for a tree and wish you a sublime weekend – crowds and all! XO


  2. Lovely to read your thoughts, and hear how life is for you right now. No tree yet? Well, we usually don’t put ours up until just before Christmas Day, as it ought to last (traditionally) until the end of the Christmas season on 6th January. (It hasn’t always got that far). So you have several days left :). Yes, the day is done and the sun is gone – but tomorrow has the shortest daylight of the year and then the sun returns – to be celebrated!


  3. We do not do gifts at Christmas (or any other time really). So, my Christmas season is pretty stress free in terms of hitting the mall. LOL

    Hope you find everything you were looking for.


  4. I have been thinking about the end of the year and beginning of another – a fresh start, a new decade. I hope your shopping went well. I do a little less shopping each year – but still choose a book for everyone on my list as well as send close family some kind of treat. Most of gifts had to be mailed and have landed safely at their destinations. Enjoy Christmas week.


  5. Merry Christmas! Happy Solstice! The days are beginning to lengthen (even if we can’t *see* it). I hope your weekending was good and your errands successful. The year does seem to have flown by for sure!


  6. When Brin was young we would go get a free tree from a lot on Christmas Eve. This was because funds were so tight when she was little. We would put it up decorate it put presents under it, have a fire, cook dinner, and after dinner we’d open gifts with family and dear friends. It became our tradition. When she met Jeremy, he asked why our tree wasnt up and she explained our tradition and made it sound so perfect and not because we couldn’t ‘afford’ it, and realized she never knew that! So funny!


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