zibaldone | 10.26.22 …

  1. Ten. 10. X : Over the past month or so – and occasionally throughout the past several years – I’ve attempted to document the day by creating/documenting ten things that have inspired (or sometimes annoyed or encouraged ) me throughout the day. My aim is to create this list as my nearly “last action” of the day. I don’t always succeed – but that’s OK. I enjoy the process and am finding it is a good way to capture and review the day.
  2. I first ran across the inspiration for the list from Alisha Sommer’s blog, finding it both fascinating and intriguing. She created the blog inspired by an interview she heard Krista Tippet conduct with author, Marie Howe. This overview from Good Reads is a great intro, if Maria is new to you as she was to me.
  3. Lately, since my July trip to Sisters OR, I’ve been enamored by and re-engaging with slow stitching – stitching by hand. I find it relaxing, inspiring and rejuvenating. The seasonal switch to autumn: changes in temperature and colors and slower pace invite this type of activity.
  4. To that tune, I saw a class, offered by the Sisters OR Stitchin’ Post featuring Rosalie Dace, a quilt instructor, from South Africa. Autumn, 2017, I attended a week long class in Sisters with her. This current class is also being offered via Zoom this weekend. I wish I’d known this sooner and was free for I’d have seriously contemplated signing up for a Zoom seat…
  5. I’ve made considerable progress with my AmaZe writing project; to date, I’ve digitized nearly 230 vignettes- I’m not a typist. My plan is to make a photo storybook.
  6. The other day I had a grand surprise: I discovered 62 stories that I wrote in 2012 that I also need/want to include. More typing practice for my M- F…
  7. The London Writers’ Hour, offered 4 times a day. I join the M-F, 8 AM EST Zoom session; it has played a big role in helping me focus on the AmaZe project.
  8. I am a big fan of Gretchen Rubin and her weekly Wed podcast, Happier, with her sister Liz, is my fave morning walking companion. Their October 19 episode was the 400th. I suspect that since winter’s soon to arrive, I’ll be switching to PM walks…
  9. I received a mug I’d forgotten I’d ordered and it makes me “happier, ” indeed. I’ve yet to indoctrinate it for my MSQT (morning solitude and quiet time) and Writers’ Hour sessions. I’ll start in November.
  10. A thought: perhaps I’ll choose Happier for my 2023 word; hmmm…

zibaldone| may 2022 …


The news this week, in addition to the Russian-Ukraine war; the continued Covid- 19 variants; and now Monkey Pod – has been overlaid with yet again a tragedy: the mass shooting of 19 elementary school aged children and two teachers in Texas!  Totally innocent people going about their lives; for sure this event was not on their agenda. And of course, the law makers and so called law keepers are appropriately remorseful and angered … Sadly,  in a few days, “normal” life will resume until the next time… rest assured there will be a “next time.” We must also be cognizant of the atrocities that take place daily in life…  In the meantime, the Republican Senatorial response, according to the Washington Post: “our thoughts and prayers are with you.”

I sit here, at the table the spot where one can find me most mornings, looking out at the vista:

  • the sky’s overcast, grey;
  • birds and squirrels forage;
  • a slight breeze, barely perceptible via the slow movement of leaves on the trees;
  • grass needs cutting…badly;
  • my tea needs replenishing.  I can’t cut the grass but the tea, I can replenish.

Writers’ Hour.  I’m currently engaged in Writers’ Hour, 50 focused minutes of writing, a free Zoom event, offered four times a day – in the world’s different time zones. We set and share our intentions and write together,  in our “little Zoom boxes” on/off the screen.  I joined the 8AM EST Writers’ Hour on March 9 of this year and for the past two months since, have written in DayONE,  65 consecutive days daily – a streak – and counting…Go ME! 


Cybrary … a what?  Recently, while driving through the University of Maryland’s campus, I saw  a building with this sign… naturally, being a retired librarian – public- my curiosity was piqued.  And so what does one do but a ‘google’ search…Go here: https://www.cybrary.it/about/     for the answer to my and your question.

And that’s a snippet or two of my May… Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.



April One Little Word – Zibaldone

Z- 26th Letter of Alphabet /Zibaldone


Also known as a commonplace book,  Zibaldone, the word/concept seem to be gaining in popularity and mention in the digital/print world, most commonly known as the Internet news, information sites.

Over the years, I’ve kept my own and several versions of a commonplace book, or a Zibaldone: “ a strange melange of diary, ledger, doodle pad, and scrapbook …” three volumes along with similar “hodgepodge’s” and “commonplace books” – served as a pattern for interior life from the 14th C onward, bringing comfort and inspiration to everyone from Thomas Jefferson to Lewis Carroll.”

In this, the 21st Century, we have the contemporary version, the Internet and “Zs” – in the form of blogs, tweets, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, bullet journals – both paper and digital, etc.  All are curiosities. Medium Daily Digest,  a website that is a forum for new, upcoming writers to share their takes on the various and numerous apps, along with tips for maximizing one’s productivity (there are as many as ten such links on any given day) usually has several articles a week about Zibaldone and/or commonplace books.

Over the past waning winter months and these, promising spring, I’ve created any number of Z-style records and/or journal entries, ranging from mind maps to photos to quotes: “this is it” to “no it ain’t” to, to, to ???  These exclamations and questions leave my brain and travel down my arms to write words, draw doodles on a piece of paper or  occasionally type on my iPad:  

  •  I rarely documented a quote or idea that hadn’t sparked another idea …
  •  Life presents too many invitations and opportunities – promising nirvana for the taker and all designed to earn some ducats for the offerer…
  •  I (may) have too much idle time on my hands, increased for sure by months of Covid…
  • FOMO?

I’m just undisciplined — or perhaps, creatively curious?  I rather like creativelycurious. I see something, I like and think: “hmmm, let me try this.” In many ways I do and I may even go so far as to purchase the ingredients for a bigger project … tho’ sadly, move onto the next bright shiny object before I even give the current one a whirl. I’m thinking that perhaps I’ll break that habit if I play/experiment … If I do, great or if I don’t, perhaps even better. Whichever, I can include the outcome in my Zibaldone and these two quotes are going in:

“But the practice of commonplacing has something to offer that current practices of creating a Pinterest board or blog post do not: it allows us not only to find and arrange information, but also encourages us to remember what has inspired us. I think this has to do with the tangible nature of assembling a commonplace book.” Source: https://verilymag.com/2021/02/keeping-a-commonplace-how-to-bullet-journal-hobby

“Unlike a journal, which is chronological and usually contains personal reflections, a commonplace book is a compilation of external information that speaks to us, written down as we come across it. And unlike a notebook that you keep for a class or for a job, it usually covers multiple subjects, bound together by the thread of our personal interests.” Source: https://www.thepapermouse.com/blogs/whats-new-at-the-paper-mouse/keeping-a-commonplace-book

This I know to be true: I know myself well enough that I don’t always say NO to a bright shiny object. Better that I flirt a bit, in my Zibaldone/Commonplace book and see just how enamored I am. If I am, then I continue and if not, I don’t. Everyday, life is an experiment. Some days are good, others not so. The sun shines and then it rains…the rain stops, clouds move on, flowers bloom.


I’m currently in the “let’s see if the flowers indeed do bloom.” Ideas, Inspiration and “YES! This is It!”

2.22.22 or 22.2.22|…



…whichever, the world has had more fun with today’s date and Wordle – the latter I’ve not played but nearly everyone I know has…including my niece Christian Marie who has a 27 day streak…

…my thought was to make note of 22 positive things that I encountered throughout my day – unfortunately, I forgot to make note of all; c’est la vie … this I do know, I had a full and positive day, a good mix of connecting with friends and family, doing life’s chores exercising both my physical and creative muscles, journaling, reading, and just enjoying it all.  It’s 7:54 pm and my watch just informed me that I’ve closed all three of my activity rings. Go Me! Now, it’s time to rest…

… I hope your ultimate twos – 2.22.22 / 22.2.22  – day was one you too will always remember with fondness…


my one word| january 2022

Earlier this month, I shared my word Zibaldone, 14th Century Italian for “commonplace book,” a journal or diary, etc, about “a heap of things.” This definition brings to mind today’s tools and resources : diaries, journals, sketch books, random note catchers -think sticky notes or any available piece of paper < my bad habit – waiting to be scribbled on or quick digital notes made on one’s smart phone via both text and voice. If you’re like me, you have a bright idea or vague memory of something seen, heard – bits and pieces of your daily life that have made their way into your brain, that vast storage tool – and if you’re also like me, you also can’t remember where you placed your pen that you just had in your hand a minute ago or your keys (hopefully not in the refrigerator <remember that commercial of the lady who absent-mindedly did so?). In many ways, the Internet, is a humongus Zibaldone. On a more conservative level, think diary; your planner; doodle pad; drawings; scrapbook; photos on your smart phone tagged place/time/date and subject; sketches …

My goal/plan this year, 2022, using the tools mentioned in the preceding paragraph, is to document and create my own Zibaldone: an artistic record of each 24 hours, each week, month, quarter, season. Some may call the resource I create a scrapbook; planner; diary; journal; word, photo collage, and they are all correct descriptors.

In my 2022 Zibaldone, I will combine: words, pictures, art explorations; connections with friends and family; desires; wishes, grace notes, thoughts, inspirations, experiences, learnings, “22 in 22 lists,” books read, to be read or not; STORY- about me, family, friends, things, places, pictures, artistic and creative expressions, feelings, practices, wins, etc…and tools I use at the beginning, during and end of my days; memory keeping; collage and my own art play expressions.

I don’t have a vision of a final product other than it will be a Zibaldone of 2022 as lived, learned, experienced. Stay tuned. To be continued…

sometimes mondays|1.10.22 …



Progress is slow these days with my stitching projects… The operative word is progress and I am happy to share the needlepoint I’m currently (liberal use of that word) stitching. Yesterday was Friendstitchin’ Sunday and I made considerable progress on the piece. What I discovered when I prepared to pen this post is I did NOT take any photos of the projects my friends were stitching! I don’t even have an idea why.


As you can see, I’ve a long way to go… my plan is to stitch 22 minutes a day until I’m done, maybe by Spring.


I took this photo yesterday morning – it definitely reminds me of the needlepoint canvas. The black bar is the window frame – snow still on the deck and it’s just too durn cold to be out these winter mornings, especially with temperatures in the low 30s…

It’s later in this day and I’ve not stitched, yet… I guess I’d better get a moveon if I’m going to stitch or I’ll end up with a one day streak. Hah!



simply a moment | 11.15. 21…

Normally on the 15th of the month, I aim to document and share a moment from the day. It occurred to me today that only on the 15th of November can I share the day’s moment/s at the time closest to when I was born: circa 7:42 pm.

Today is/was my birthday; I’ve had many trips around the sun and looking forward to many more. The story goes that when I was born, my father had not left the hospital more than ten minutes, out to get a burger, thinking that it’d yet be a while before I made my grand entrance. Hah! Fooled him!

I had a grand day filled with well wishes and my favorite eats: pizza (this time Panera’s flatbread), salad and of course, Prosecco… all topped off with a couple pieces of delicious lemon ( my fave flavor) cookies. I am filled not only with good food but more importantly, the well wishes of Family and Friends, far and near.

Before I leave, enjoy this photo from today: this Japanese Maple, probably close to 34 years old, is exceptionally beautiful this year. Sorry, the goodies are all gone…they were indeed delish.


thoughts on my 2019 word …



As I, on the cusp of closing out this year’s experience with one little word, contemplate the myriad choices that have presented themselves over these last couple months of 2019, I’m struck with the small dictionary of words I’ve amassed over the past nine, ten, (eleven?) years. Begin. Complete. Document. Chronicle. etc.

My 2019 word: habit is one that I’ve toyed with perhaps all my life. Both the making and the breaking. As is my habit – pun intended – whenever I embark on a new adventure, I do a lot of research, shopping, trying a variety of approaches and experiences. Some might describe that as being attracted to bright shiny objects and in a way, I agree – tho’ I like to think of it as experimentation. This year was no different. Always, my aim/goal is to find the path of least resistance; as a result I think I often tire sooner than I should… mainly because I’ve not quite settled in/on a path, routine, etc. I guess one could easily describe those actions as “my habit” and thus, the raison d être for my having a lot of unfinished projects lurking in my closets… Having said all that, I’m surprised I get outta bed in the mornings <smile>.

My focus on habit for 2019 results in my affirming what I have always known: ideas and possibilities have the habit of grabbing my attention. It is who I am.

Because the year is coming to an end doesn’t mean that my focus on habit will end. I shall continue to keep the word and my actions at the forefront as I embrace my 2020 word, which,  I think as I write this post, will be _ _ _ _ _ _*

Do stop over to Juliann’s post re: her 2019 word!


*To be revealed next week; stay tuned!

welcome july …

~sunrise today 7:03 am~

Welcome July! You arrived complete with sunshine and delightful temperatures. It’s been a real treat to greet you with the deck doors wide open!

This morning not only started a new month with a new calendar entry but also, a new Scribbles journal. It felt so good to “open it and begin journaling, again, for the first time.” I have big staycation plans for the summer months, ending with the arrival of the autumnal equinox. But more on that down the road. First, a look at this past monthJune:

You will note quite a few photos of flowers: Spring – and now Summer – was especially gorgeous, a result of all the rain we had. Trees and shrubbery are fuller and a lusher green; les fleurs, more abundant and vibrant. I’m even convinced the sky is bluer – when it is blue!

  • #1 and #14: two excursions to Zeke’s, my neighborhood coffee roaster/shop ~ warm enough to sit out!
  • #2 and #4 from Kayla’s and my trip to the new Apple Carnegie library…
  • Swans – # 7 and #25 – are this summer’s Journal Club animal spirit guide; seems that everywhere I look these days I see the swan image. My subconscious brain at work‽
  • # 8 – flowers in  are an example of thread painting with a sewing machine; I saw them on a pillow at Target. The picture reminds me that I plan to try the technique this summer, just for fun…
  •  # 9 – friends, Margaret and Ed, have a sweet new rescue dog: Hannah; I got to meet her for the first time…
  •  #11 captures sunlight streaming through a wooded area…
  • # 15 and #16  – are from Chris’ 5th birthday party  at the Climbing Zone. He decided not to climb, tho’ he gave it a try; niece Kayla did make it to the top!
  • #17 – June’s full Strawberry moon – a stock photo coupled with a web article I read; unfortunately, the sky was cloudy so I didn’t get to see the moon in real life…
  • #19 – I thought the tree was interesting; not sure how it lost all its leaves but it made for a different photo of #blueskyblooms – or not!
  • #20 – a delicious Caprese mini pizza, without onion, made by friend Hilary for me! Onions and I don’t get along. I discovered that the blurry photo was the result of my camera lens needing to be cleaned!
  • #23 – Norman all dressed up for Men’s Recognition Day at church…
  •  # 26 and #27 – sunset and a sunrise shadow…
  • #30 – #blueskyblooms  of a Crepe Myrtle; they are quite luscious this year, tho’ the photo doesn’t give justice.

And that’s a wrap for June 2019 and this post. Hoping your July is off to a fantastic start, as is mine. Looking forward to spending July with you!


PS. Oops! #1 was taken outside the Clarice Performing Arts Center; I was waiting for friends to arrive and sitting outside with a glass of wine before the concert!