Zibaldone | january 2022 …

Snow: Today we have S-N-O-W! Easily 5 inches, maybe more.The snow has now stopped; the sun shines; the sky is blue and it’s a tad cold : 28 degrees.  All lovely – a welcome surprise on this 3rd day of the new year! Perhaps this is Mother Nature’s way to curtail the spread of Omicron, at least for a bit here on the east coast. T’is a nice thought… Words: My one little word for 2022 is Zibaldone, Italian for occasional thoughts, notes, quotations, lists, etc ~ all the things we manage to capture in notebooks, journals, on index cards, bits and pieces of whatever piece of paper might be in an arm’s reach or a note, jotted on our smart phones, via type or verbally or photo. All designed to capture a moment, a fleeting thought, idea, quote, task, memory, weather event such as S-N-O-W… Zibaldone: Why? I like the word – it has often intrigued me and has been on my bucket list to explore since 2018. The choice came to me out of the blue, about December 15, 2021. I’d recently ordered and received the book – a mean 2502 pages of tissue thin paper. As I picked up the book and examined some of those 2502 pages, the thought went off like fireworks: “This is it! My word for 2022!”
I have absolutely no idea, preconceived thoughts or expectations as to how the word will show up, shout out, over these next 362 days of 2022… based on my experiences with previous words, there will be all sorts of surprises. Just as today’s snow! In a way, and this may be a stretch, I see Zibaldone as a quilt patchwork, made of bits and pieces of fabrics that hold all sorts of experiences, meaning and  herstory . I look forward to experiencing and sharing my Zibaldone adventures in 2022. Hopefully most will be as surprising as today’s snow. Cheers~

12 thoughts on “Zibaldone | january 2022 …

  1. No one would have ever won a contest trying to predict your OLW! It’s one I’ve never seen or heard so I was immediately curious about what it meant. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how it plays out in your life this year.


  2. I have heard you talk about this word and it sounds like quite the adventure. And that snow – sure is pretty, hope it won’t throw any unwanted surprises into tyour coming days.


  3. What a fabulous word — it’s even fun to say! I hope that snow stays pretty for you (meaning it’s nice to look at but doesn’t cause any problems).


  4. I’ve been so eager to hear what your word would be, ever since your teaser in late December. And I think it’s safe to say I never woulda guessed! What a spectacular word! And it sure seems to suit you. What an adventure it will be. A real ‘noticing’ year. Happy ’22 to you!


  5. Great word HONORE. Perfect for you! I have to work a bit harder to 1ike our weather right now. We are not impacted, I shou1d not comp1ain, but I miss warmer weather. I do hope the weather s1ows the awfu1 covid down too


  6. What a splendid and intriguing word! That won’t be appearing next to anyone else’s name on Ali’s list of Words for the Year :). I hope it inspires and delights you. Are you planning to dip in and out of the book, or read it sequentially across the year? That’s a proper fall of snow you have there in your lovely photo – may it not curtail your comings and goings too much. We have had unseasonably mild weather between Christmas and New Year, and there’s even sunshine the last few days … Wishing you a wonderful journey with your word.


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