sometimes mondays|1.10.22 …



Progress is slow these days with my stitching projects… The operative word is progress and I am happy to share the needlepoint I’m currently (liberal use of that word) stitching. Yesterday was Friendstitchin’ Sunday and I made considerable progress on the piece. What I discovered when I prepared to pen this post is I did NOT take any photos of the projects my friends were stitching! I don’t even have an idea why.


As you can see, I’ve a long way to go… my plan is to stitch 22 minutes a day until I’m done, maybe by Spring.


I took this photo yesterday morning – it definitely reminds me of the needlepoint canvas. The black bar is the window frame – snow still on the deck and it’s just too durn cold to be out these winter mornings, especially with temperatures in the low 30s…

It’s later in this day and I’ve not stitched, yet… I guess I’d better get a moveon if I’m going to stitch or I’ll end up with a one day streak. Hah!



11 thoughts on “sometimes mondays|1.10.22 …

  1. This is such a beautiful piece of long stitching, which hasn’t made an appearance on my radar till now. I love the combination of regular ‘marks/stitches’ on the surface and an emerging non-regular picture. Your work is so neat and regular … Hoping you find time to achieve another 22 minutes on it today. And yes, it’s cold, isn’t it! We are hovering around 35F here, and just so pleased not to be dipping below into frost and ice. May there be blinks of sun in your day, however wintery the season …


  2. It’s a lovely stitching piece, Honoré, no matter how much time it takes for you to finish. (I’m curious . . . how did you come to the 22 minutes a day goal???) I’m trying to be easier on myself when I don’t quite “make” as much as I’d like to/plan to “make.” Progress is good. Enjoying the process is good. XO


  3. My mother-in-law always had needlework going. I remember the year she tried to get me to stitch Bargello Pillows for my sofa… suffice it to say that a house with 3 very active children won out over stitching time.


  4. Sometimes Mondays blend right into Tuesdays, so here I am a day late. I picked up my first needle work project in many, many years this month. I made a bit of progress while I was at Sarah’s, but like you, it will be some time before I finish it. I LOVE the design you’ve chosen, and perhaps I should also commit to 22 minutes a day for stitching.


  5. Honore, I think I have fina11y made peace with my computer. I am thri11ed at your tree stitiching! Hope the New year is treating you we11. It is rather icy here, so hikes or wa1ks are treadmi11 in the basement or hike in the 1itt1e woods. In our o1d State, and neighborhood you cou1d a1ways wa1k in the suburban streets. The used so much sa1t it wou1d eat the underside of your car! BUt we never tripped! Keep stitichin


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