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The news this week, in addition to the Russian-Ukraine war; the continued Covid- 19 variants; and now Monkey Pod – has been overlaid with yet again a tragedy: the mass shooting of 19 elementary school aged children and two teachers in Texas!  Totally innocent people going about their lives; for sure this event was not on their agenda. And of course, the law makers and so called law keepers are appropriately remorseful and angered … Sadly,  in a few days, “normal” life will resume until the next time… rest assured there will be a “next time.” We must also be cognizant of the atrocities that take place daily in life…  In the meantime, the Republican Senatorial response, according to the Washington Post: “our thoughts and prayers are with you.”

I sit here, at the table the spot where one can find me most mornings, looking out at the vista:

  • the sky’s overcast, grey;
  • birds and squirrels forage;
  • a slight breeze, barely perceptible via the slow movement of leaves on the trees;
  • grass needs cutting…badly;
  • my tea needs replenishing.  I can’t cut the grass but the tea, I can replenish.

Writers’ Hour.  I’m currently engaged in Writers’ Hour, 50 focused minutes of writing, a free Zoom event, offered four times a day – in the world’s different time zones. We set and share our intentions and write together,  in our “little Zoom boxes” on/off the screen.  I joined the 8AM EST Writers’ Hour on March 9 of this year and for the past two months since, have written in DayONE,  65 consecutive days daily – a streak – and counting…Go ME! 


Cybrary … a what?  Recently, while driving through the University of Maryland’s campus, I saw  a building with this sign… naturally, being a retired librarian – public- my curiosity was piqued.  And so what does one do but a ‘google’ search…Go here: https://www.cybrary.it/about/     for the answer to my and your question.

And that’s a snippet or two of my May… Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.



8 thoughts on “zibaldone| may 2022 …

  1. I think you have convinced me to try the Writers Hour in June and those yellow flowers are wonderful. Hire someone to cut the grass and enjoy your tea


  2. Amazing job with Writers Hour! That looks fascinating and I’m very interested. I’ll have to do some math and figure the other time zones out because 8am EST definitely isn’t possible for me!! But maybe the other ones???

    Love this post, Honoré. Thank you.


  3. I have to admit that when I first looked at that photo, my brain read it as “Crybaby.” Excellent job on the writing! I wish I could do more than writing to my representatives yet again, begging them to do something to keep children safe, but it always seem to fall on some deaf ears. It’s heartbreaking. But elections are coming!


  4. I’m so grateful you mentioned LWS, I joined the LA session today at 11am ET. They were so warm and welcoming. I worked on typing my handwritten novel pages and got about 800 words Tah Done! 😉 Mebbe we’ll meet up on the same Zoom one day! Mwhah!


  5. How wonderful to have written for an hour a day, every day for 65 days! That’s indeed an amazing achievement :). Admiring your self discipline and commitment, Honoré. I might go and take a look at your link … Writing and tea-drinking win out over grass-cutting every time. I love your bright and cheerful photo up there at the top of your post – are these your flowers? making that glorious splash of sunshine? Love the concept of a cybury. Sending warmest good wishes, Alexa.


  6. What pretty yellow flowers – petunias I think? The Writer’s Hour sounds fascinating. Yes to committed action to end the gun violence.


  7. I think Juliann’s advice about the grass is a great one – I hope you took it to heart. and yay for the Writers’ Hour – and maybe inspiring a few others to join in.


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