2.22.22 or 22.2.22|…



…whichever, the world has had more fun with today’s date and Wordle – the latter I’ve not played but nearly everyone I know has…including my niece Christian Marie who has a 27 day streak…

…my thought was to make note of 22 positive things that I encountered throughout my day – unfortunately, I forgot to make note of all; c’est la vie … this I do know, I had a full and positive day, a good mix of connecting with friends and family, doing life’s chores exercising both my physical and creative muscles, journaling, reading, and just enjoying it all.  It’s 7:54 pm and my watch just informed me that I’ve closed all three of my activity rings. Go Me! Now, it’s time to rest…

… I hope your ultimate twos – 2.22.22 / 22.2.22  – day was one you too will always remember with fondness…


8 thoughts on “2.22.22 or 22.2.22|…

  1. That summary of your day with all the boxes checked sounds wonderful! I thought I had no interest in Wordle, but joined the crowd while we were at Sarah’s. I like that there’s only one/day and it’s not timed! 🙂


  2. I wish I knew someone who turned 22 on 2-22-22 (my niece turned 31 though) … two joys for me this week: the cherry blossoms and this morning I facilitated a group of four knitters and crocheters to make hats and scarves for kids who need them.


  3. That sounds a thoroughly satisfying day – and collecting 22 moments of joy a very laudable one. We’re all Wordle fans in our family, and now doing Quordle too (four words in eight lines) and Nerdle (numbers) – even the now-not-so-Littlies for whom English is a second language :).


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