simply a moment | 2.15.22 …


~watching Ali Edwards’ “Awesome” story presentation~

2:15 pm: my long-time friends – former colleagues – and I just ended our bi-monthly “Recent Reads Zoom” gathering.  We meet to share what we’ve read and most importantly, touch base, catch up on each other’s lives, especially during these times of pandemic. Since March 2020, we’ve hoped that our next meeting might be an in-person gathering. We shall wait and see if a face-to-face gathering happens in April … hope springs eternal.

Today also marks  the sharing of Ali Edwards’ monthly story prompt – ideas and invitation to jumpstart the telling and illustrating of a story (or more ) of our lives. This month’s theme  is awesome – a word that isn’t a part of my daily vocabulary but as I reflect on what is awesome in my life, I jotted down these thoughts:

  • I am alive, in good health, have warmth during this cold day, month; food in the cupboard; good friends;  and family …
  • The sun shines, the clock ticks, today’s temperature  – a tad warmer and for some strange reason, early this morning, I was reminded of my very first airplane ride to Chicago, decades ( and I do mean decades) ago. What stands out in that memory was the fact that the flight attendants changed clothes/uniforms three times: they greeted us in one outfit; served us in another and sent us off the plane, after it landed, in another – all of this in a span of 90-minutes…
  • Sunrise and Sunset usually add a bit of awesomness to the day. According to NASA, the next Full Moon will be tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 16, 2022, midday appearing opposite the Sun in Earth-based longitude at 11:57 a.m. EST. I hope I’ll be able to see it…
  •  the clock in my craft studio ticks loudly and steady; the sun shines and hopefully, it’s warmer ~ a whole 37 degrees . I think I’ll go for a walk… I’ve been sitting  a while and stretching my legs should be a good thing to do. I wonder what I’ll find on my walk that is awesome?
  • What is awesome that graced your day today?


8 thoughts on “simply a moment | 2.15.22 …

  1. I hope you will be able to meet in person soon too!
    Awesome in my day today – picking up a book that I ordered from my local bookstore and finding another book while I was there AND I had collected enough stamps that I got 20% off my purchase. Also, there is an awesome owl who is hanging out in our yard and has a lot to say. So fun to hear those hoots and hoping that means the owl is finding some of those pesky voles that have made such a mess in my garden.
    Also awesome – finding a new post from you!


  2. Awesome snippet of information about the clothes changes of the flight attendants. I bet they’re not doing that now … Great to hear how many connections with others you have and, gosh, yes, meeting again in person will indeed be amazing. Thank-you for the reminder about the full moon – I’d noticed a few nights ago (when the clouds parted for a brief instant!) how full it was getting.( Explains perhaps why my sleep is not so sound – I notice I sleep more lightly and fitfully around the time of the full moon.) I much enjoyed your simple moment (mine is up too, if you’re interested), and always look forward to it.


  3. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll all be able to meet in person soon — maybe when the weather is better, you can meet outside!

    I noticed yesterday on my walk that the birds are getting much more chatty than they’ve been, which I think is surely a sign that spring is coming. And though it’s been very cold the last two days, the sun is warmer and has been melting the snow and ice. Today it’s supposed to be in the mid-50s, which I hope will encourage even more melting.


  4. I’ve been noticing that it’s lighter for longer these days, and that’s certainly something awesome! (It always takes a while for me to “see” the difference.) Thanks for this beautiful look at what’s gracing your day! (Hope you can get together with your friends – in real time and space – again soon.) XO


  5. journaling outside in the sun yesterday morning felt awesome; i recorded everything i could hear onto the page to ground me in the moment. Simply lovely. Thanks for asking 😉 Do you all read the same book or share whatever you are each reading?


  6. Fingers crossed for y’all gathering in person … April looks promising here and hopefully there, too! Awesome for me today was a fresh pedicure in a springtime RED and – just as I started typing this – glancing out the window to a gorgeous sunset … at 6:33pm!!


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