sometimes monday| 2.14.22…



… is Valentine’s Day! 

The above photo of my nieces, taken 20 years ago; the clue? Kayla, the baby in the photo, celebrated her 21st birthday last month and in the photo, she looks to be about a year old.

Despite brilliant sunshine,  the day has been bone cold~ in the low 20s.  I took several walks and really regretted being out.  The exercise was good and I give myself a gold star for braving the cold – but I don’t think I’ll be so virtuous any time soon  – especially if the temperature stays in the 20s.

Nephew Chris brought his brother Elias chocolate from the Valentine’s exchange at school. Apparently, Chris doesn’t eat chocolate (a fact I did not know)… but Elias does.  He was delighted and made short shrift of the treat!

Sending Valentine’s wishes  your way (and warmth if it’s cold).



8 thoughts on “sometimes monday| 2.14.22…

  1. It didn’t make it to 20° in Wisconsin today, but the sun was out so I didn’t mind too much. Admittedly, I only went out to pick up Hannah early from day care. I was offered a chance to go along when Tracy walked the dog, but I passed! It’s supposed to reach 50° by Wednesday. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  2. Brr – 20 degrees is cold. Our temp was up to 41 with little wind so we braved an afternoon walk. What a sweet Valentine photo. Happy Valentine’s Day. Stay warm and safe.


  3. Gosh, that’s cold. Honoré! Hoping the rest of the day passed more contentedly in the warm. That heart’s a pretty way to frame a photo … What a lovely Three Graces they are :).


  4. I normally walk in the morning, but I had to take my daughter to a dentist appointment yesterday and so did not get out until after lunch. And I’m glad of that — even at the warmest part of the day, it was still pretty frigid! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, when we’re supposed to get into the mid-50s. I hope by now you’ve thawed and that you have some warmer days in your forecast!


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