thursday three| 2.3.22


~Chris waiting for school bus~

Tuesday saw the return to in-person school days for Chris, 7 1/2, second grade. T’was cold as he and his mom waited for the big yellow school bus. Despite the look on his face, Chris was excited to resume in person classes – his first since March 2020. Mom and Elias – 4 years – perhaps not so; Elias entertained himself with the Very Hungry Caterpillar among other fun titles.


I received my copy of Daniel Pink’s newest book:


I first “met” Daniel Pink in 2007 when I’d stumbled upon his book A WHOLE NEW MIND, Riverhead Books,  c2005. I’d arrived home late in the evening, after driving from Delaware. Wide awake, I decided to read my new book… I remember reading the entire 234 pages that night, well into the wee small hours of the morning. Of course I had to go to work …

Fast forward 15 years: I was delighted to learn that Dan had a new book and I attended a pre-pub Zoom event Sunday evening, Feb 1, 2022… Like clockwork, the book arrived about 10:30 am, Tuesday morning.  Fortunately these days, I don’t have “bright and early” meetings to attend  and can therefore, read late into the wee small hours of the morning…except I rarely do. My “internal clock” winds down much earlier these days and most of my reading takes place mornings. I am definitely a LARK.

I have started THE POWER OF REGRET.  I am pacing myself: I have several other books in various stages of being read and a few other things that also demand my undivided attention. I’ve been retired for 12 years; funny, I seem to have less time now than I did way back when …


11 thoughts on “thursday three| 2.3.22

  1. oh I hope the boys are doing well with the new routine! I must admit the title of that new book is a bit off-putting for me. I try really hard NOT to “do regrets” … I like to think that whatever choices I made were the best ones I could at the time, and regret looking back is simply not helpful. I look forward to your review!


  2. Love the kiddo’s pix–wow Chris is 7 1/2! I’ve requested the book at my library branch but I may join and get it on audio if they offer it there. Enjoy! I look forward to your review! 😉


  3. No in-person classes since March 2020! That’s a long time, especially for a second grader. I hope everyone adjusts well to the new routine and stays safe and healthy. I do like the title of that book. No matter how much I try to make good decisions there are still several big ones that I regret. I’m going to go see if can find it at the library. Happy reading!


  4. I hope school has gone well for him this week and that he can continue to be in person! I know being virtual was tough on my kid and being able to go back and see her friends in person made such a difference. Hope you’re enjoying your reading today.


  5. I do hope Chris enjoyed his day back at school – I had no idea that young ones have been away from the classroom for that length of time. He looks very smart :). Another new-to-me author! Looking forward to hearing what you think of it. I find it so hard to get through books at the moment as I fall asleep very quickly and never seem to have/make time in the day. Ah, undivided attention – now there’s a whole blog post to be written about that :).


  6. I hope Chris enjoyed his “back to school” days. I love seeing photos of those growing boys. I am also retired and the days do get away from me.


  7. It does seem like it was a very long time to be on remote learning. My four school-age grandchildren all returned in September. Only one of them had a hard time adjusting, but I think it may well have been the grade level adjustment as much as anything. All is fine now, and I hope it’s true for Chris, too. It’s amazing how much those two boys have grown! There are a lot of retirees who suffer from the same “lack of time” you do. It’s so hard to comprehend. 🙂


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