Zibaldone |2.26.22 …

My aim today was to capture whatever and wherever I was around/at 2:26 pm on Z- day, as I’ve dubbed the 26th day of the month. This month, February, I am at home. About 12:45 pm:  I was at an artist’s art/craft supply store, looking at the selection of journals for my Zibaldone. It isn’t that I can’t shop my stash – which is a common reminder to/for scrapbookers, memory keepers, designed to keep us mindful of our ever present/growing collection of whatever the “must have” item is and to pause, take stock and inquire: Do I really NEED this? 10 of 9 times the answer is a RESOUNDING: NO! Rather, the motivation is want – surely the perfect journal is out there waiting for me to find it… and perhaps you wonder, just what does or will make this elusive, to be discovered book , so perfect? Well, I’m not sure I can answer that question and I may not know til I find it…but rest assured, when I do, you’ll be the first to know! No luck in finding a new journal – I’ll use what I have- but I did find some fun stickers and managed to spend $25, give or take a penny… About 1:50 pm:  Before heading home, I decided to go in search of a latte… remembered – a coffee shop several blocks away from the Arts & Crafts store, actually near the building where I first worked for the library system, 1974… a long time ago. Originally, the building was a firehouse, then it was turned into a library branch that also housed my office and now, it houses loft apartments. I found a metered parking lot – 50 cents an hour, all automated. Punch in your license plate number, insert a credit card and presto, you’ve paid for at least one hour. Your receipt is texted, if you wish. The coffee shop – super busy. Coffee is served in cups that are 100% biodegradable * compost-able… Beans are roasted on site and the coffee was good tho’ expensive. C’est la vie…
2:35 PM… Just arrived home 2:56 PM … My coffee is all gone.  I’m debating about taking a walk – it’s sunny tho’ a tad chilly. Well, I just checked my daily Health activity stats and I’m a tad beyond the 50% mark from closing all 3 rings – so, that decision is made! Out and Off I go! To be continued…
Just as I stepped out the door, my sister called…so, she joined me on my walk …. I was delighted by signs of Spring: crocus; a flowering tree; warmer temps… My outing and walk were envigorating ( I had to make a quick trip around a couple blocks in order to close the Exercise ring!) but I’m not ready to abandon my mask, just yet…
I think the biggest lesson/connection to Zibaldone this first time out is the role contemporary technology has played in my life on this day, even tho’ I was on a quest to find a paper journal…and that I can/do comfortably transition between analog and digital platforms. To be continued …  

12 thoughts on “Zibaldone |2.26.22 …

  1. As always I enjoyed this post. I am not ready to give up masks either. And the quest for the perfect journal is ongoing. Those pink blossoms are a treat. How fun that your sister could join you for a little walk. I find being outdoors does me a world of good.


  2. Not giving up masks here either. I was out and about today, and noticed that many people have definitely decided to let them go. I’m always envious when I see your early signs of spring. We got 5 more inches last night, and it will take a BIG THAW before the snow in our front yard is melted. How lovely your sister was able to join you for the walk. I definitely enjoy company on mine!


  3. This is such a fun project for 2022. And of course – the perfect journal is out there. Somewhere! The flowers on that tree are perfection – thank you for sharing them 🙂


  4. I understand entirely the quest for the perfect journal. I’ve been on it for most of my life, yet the quest continues! Love seeing the signs of spring near you. We don’t yet have anything blooming, but the buds are forming and I’m seeing lots of little green points poking up from the (often still frozen) ground.


  5. Love your Zibaldone updates! 🙂 I have tried to “shake up” my journal routine, but I always go back to what I am using now… my Traveler’s Planner.

    And I am with you on masking… I am not quite ready to “rip the mask off” 🙂


  6. What a great Z day! I chuckle about your never-ending search for the “perfect” journal. Sometimes I wonder if the hunt is the best part??? Thanks for sharing your day — and those lovely blooms! XO


  7. I continue to be simply FASCINATED by your word, and your OLW journey this year. add in cherry blossoms and a little glimpse of you, and it’s also delightful. Thank you!


  8. There’s a very decorative coffee cup! And how lovely to have a sister nearby who can join you for a walk – I see that you’re taking the exercise really seriously (though I’m not quite clear on the ‘three rings’ bit) which must be good for health. Such pretty blossoms! We’re a long way behind that up here, with daffodils only just peeking up from the soil now. The perfect journal – now there’s a search I could join you in, and do let us know when you’ve found it.


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