I have had on my daily agenda for days running: publish blog post. That directive presupposes that one has, first of all, written a draft —- or at least made a list of topics I want to share… where are my notes? Can’t say I know! Probably because I’ve not written any…

Last week, in one of my daily de-stashing purges, I ran across the image of the little girl and her shadow in a Charles Schwab advertisement. She’s wearing yellow – my fave color; I was immediately, smitten. I found the background paper among my scrapbooking supplies and added the sticker words. I cut the butterfly from a table paper napkin; I attached it to the paper using a pop dot. And it sits on top my printer, in my direct view as I sit at my computer. And that just makes me happy!

Over the past week and days plus, I’ve spent hours going through my quilting stash and supplies – years accumulation of “someday maybe” projects that are never going to see the “finish line.” Sadly. Best laid plans…

But all is not lost. As I’ve reviewed and touched fabrics and leafed through books and patterns, I feel the stirrings of the desire to spend more time in my quilting space, with my quilting resources: fabrics; books; patterns; my imagination and creativity. And that, well that makes me just plain happier.

What’s making you happier these Spring days?


8 thoughts on “May

  1. Your post with that little girl is making me happier. She looks so full of joy. The sunshine and the flowering trees in my neighborhood are making me happier too. I also have quite a stash of yarn and fabric. I recently bundled up some yarn to donate to a nonprofit that works with young mothers in rehab. It felt good to send nice yarn that I will never use to a new home.


  2. Your collage could easily be a self portrait of you as a young girl — it’s just filled with your joy for life and, of course, your joy for yellow! I hope you can find a good use for some of that special fabric stash. Life is too short not to use the good stuff!


  3. First, your lines at the beginning here made me smile and laugh a little and feel so not alone!! Oh my goodness.
    Second, your paper collage piece is absolutely capturing! Captivating? Is that a better word? I can’t say how many times or how long I stayed with that image. Such a fine job creating it, nailing the energy, everything, all around it. What a gift to yourself (and your readers).
    Enjoy May!!


  4. All that yellow makes me happy! I finished my orange linen tunic and it’s been warm enough to wear it. That also makes me happy. And our smallest person is turning 3 so a cupcake celebration is in order. So much happy these days. Thanks for reminder me to pay attention.


  5. Reading your post and seeing that delightful “photo” of the young girl would make almost anyone happier! I just received drawings for the new office/craft room furniture and that definitely makes me happy. Before any of that happens, however, we’re off for 17 days to Portugal and Spain. But even more exciting (but in the recent past) was having everyone in Tracy’s family here for his mother’s memorial service. All 38 of us have never been together at the same time, and it’s likely it won’t happen again. We hired a professional photographer to take photos the day after, and they are wonderful! Totally blessed to have so much happiness in my life right now! (Thanks for asking!)


  6. I lovelovelove this page and it definitely made me HAPPIER! A mini H: the yellow, her shadow and her body language, those sunglasses!!! Being home from vacay makes me happier, seeing you and fellow ALPers yesterday makes me happier, making ART again after a ten day break makes me happier!! 😉


  7. Such delight and joy from one fingertip to the other – what a wonderful creation to have made … And it’s making all of us happy too! That’s a lovely picture of slow summer quilt-stitching – have you a veranda?


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