one little word | 3.28.23 …

3.26, was Friendstitch Sunday … the six of us always, always look forward to these monthly gatherings, now in the 9th year. This past Sunday, we met at Michelle’s and were greeted with gorgeous spring flowers: daffodils and amaryllis. For Christmas 2019, I gave Michelle (and the others, each) a bulb… Michelle has the magic green thumb. We were delighted to see the amaryllis in full bloom. In addition to being treated to a spectacularly colorful array of flowers, we had an absolutely delicious meal. Yum! The memory of Sunday makes me happier…

My walks, most days, weather permitting, I am greeted by the constant display of signs of Spring: magnolia and cherry blossoms, daffodils, maple trees and forsythia bushes. Delightful.

For the past year, I’ve focused on s-l-o-w-l-y retelling my AmaZe – about me, A-Z – life story that I hope to publish as a memoir style photo album/book. My goal is to have completed this project close to June 1, 2023…If I meet this self imposed deadline, I’m confident I’ll be happier!

The star is a needlepoint I found as I’ve been weeding my stash of projects – a project long overdue but also one that has very tangible results. And this too, makes me happier.

You know, happier is a good place to be! What’s making you happier these days?


friendstitchin’ / 8-22-21…

The highlight of the end of week #33, Sunday August 22, 2021: our second Friendstitch gathering since Covid-19 shut the country/world down in 2020. The food was delish: salad; breads; Sun Chips  (I cannot ever eat “just one” ); Prosecco and delicious cookies for dessert. The best part: leftovers to take home so we could savor the tastes as well as  the afternoon’s memories.  I think I was so busy stuffing my mouth that I plumb forgot to take one picture! Say what?!

We always have a lovely time; yesterday was no exception. Despite the fact that I didn’t take any photos, I did find a needlepoint project online that I ordered. There is a story that goes with it and as soon as the canvas and yarns arrive, I will share. In the meantime, the photo above is of last Friday’s sunset.

It’s hard to believe that in just nine days September  – my favorite month – will be here. Bring it on! Are you looking forward to Autumn/Fall?



yesterday was a five+ star day: our Sunday Friendstitching group met for the first time since January 2020. we -all fully vaccinated – gathered in a spacious, well ventilated screened-in porch with a beautiful view of trees, accompanied by the incessant, unmistakable drone of cicadas …but we didn’t mind ’cause our chatter drowned them (the cicadas ) out! t’was a glorious day, one indelibly written on our minds and hearts.

we were all doing some sort of handwork: Theresa – knitting; Pat – applique; Barbi and Michelle – crossstitch; Margaret – needlepoint; and I – practiced drawing ( I was attending a Zoom session featuring Samantha Dion Baker, artist and author of Draw Your Day and soon to be released – 22 June – Draw Your World ).

I cannot put into words how incredibly grateful each of us was for this day; life hasn’t been easy for any of us, in addition to the pandemic. we each appreciate the blessings of our friendship and that we had this opportunity to reunite. I suspect we all slept very well … I know I did. I have this quote next to my Mac: each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most. ~ Buddah

sometimes mondays | 1.27.20…



…follow Friendstitchin’ Sundays.

We had a lovely meal: great soups, salads, bread, cheddar sun chips, and coconut cake. Our gatherings, now entering year 6? 7? , are something we all look forward to and jealously guard on our calendars.


This morning I felt a bit under the weather so I played hookey from my Monday quilt group meeting… Feeling better and back to the sewing machine; am making progress with the first of my two quilt blocks for Australia and I have two blocks to stitch for the group’s 2021 annual raffle quilt.

Tomorrow is the first One Little Word for 2020 share on this blog. I’m looking forward to our year together.


weekending | 12. 28-29.19 …

saturday 28 december

Mother Nature provided a delightful taste of spring – temps in the high 60s and since my plans for the day were rescheduled, I decided to make a WanDer* trip to the Smithsonian Mall, specifically the National Gallery of Art’s  Sculpture Garden. I ws looking for a gift, had something special in mind (unfortunately, what I wanted wasn’t in stock any longer – but I found a suitable substitute.). As I was plotting my agenda and Metro (subway) trip, I discovered a store totally dedicated to journal writing tools: journals; pens; Traveler’s Notebooks; planners; etc … Yes, Virginia there is a full fledged journal/planner store!

After making my purchases, I took Metro to the Smithsonian Mall! Lots and lots of visitors…


line waiting to get in the Museum of Natural History


while eating lunch, I enjoyed watching the  ice skaters


sunday 29 december

Friendstitching Day.  It poured buckets most of the day… perfect for a day of stitching and reconnecting with friends.  We were treated not only to good food but wonderful details from friend Michelle’s recent trip to Copenhagen, Praque and Paris!

The butterfly is a needlepoint being stitched by Margaret; it will eventually be a pillow. The upper right photo is cross stitching friend Pat started many moons ago, she says; her plan is to finish in 2020. I think all the stitching’s done. She just needs to frame. The lower right is also needlepoint, being stitched by Michelle. (If I remember correctly, she bought the canvas in Paris). I am close to finishing a cap I started knitting earlier this year!  Just a few more rows and bind off! Yes!

And now it’s time to wrap this up and go fix myself some tea. Unfortunately, Santa brought me a cold…  I’ll be back tomorrow with an end- of-year One Little Word update.


*WanDer is my shorthand for scheduling solo journeys to the Smithsonian Mall; I aim for once a quarter ~ don’t always make it!

weekending| 8.26.19 …

The weekend was filled with two activities I most enjoy:

  1. spending time with friends
  2. stitching



On Fri (8.23.19), three friends and I went to Baltimore (I drove) to see a photographic exhibit of the Women of Gee’s Bend, Alabama. The women are African American quilters who gained national attention in the early 2000s. The exhibit,  displayed at the Reginald F. Lewis African American Museum of Art, features the photography of a reknown Baltimore photographer, Linda Day Clark, .

In 2002, the New York Times sent Day Clark to Gee’s Bend to photograph the quilters @home. Gee’s Bend is one of the poorest areas in the US. This current exhibition includes portraits of some of the quilters, their families and everyday life – as well as a display of four quilts (two shown above) owned by Linda Day Clark that have never been displayed before. They are exquisite!


my first Gee’s Bend inspired quilt, 2009 ~ signed by the Gee’s Bend Quilters

     I first encountered the Gee’s Bend Quilters in 2009, on my maiden trip to Sisters Oregon. My friend Pat and I traveled there to take classes, especially a workshop taught by them. T’is an experience that has become one of our fondest memories. We returned again for a second  workshop in 2011.

Seeing the photos of the women we met, their home life, family (including grand children – and the quilts) was a back to the future experience. I have had all sorts of brainstorms and inspirations about how I plan to proceed and in particular, finish the quilt I began in 2017 – my latest trip to Sister. It will tie in beautifully. Sometimes I guess one just has to wait for the Universe to converge. Stay tuned…



Sunday was our monthly Friendstitch gathering, replete with a delicious spread! And the yummiest of desserts: lemon flavored cake and cookies!


Margaret’s needlepointing a cute canvas featuring a dog suggesting a walk? Theresa’s knitting a baby sweater; Michelle, needlepointing a holiday piece (Christmas is 4 months away, just sayin’) and Pat is doing a cross stitch… I think she did all of the spool of thread. I played around with weaving and knitting.

Too soon the afternoon ended and we packed up til our Sept gathering.

T’was a lovely weekend and I’m so grateful to have spent it among and with friends!


friendstitchin sunday | 7.21.19…


We had a delightful Sunday afternoon gathering,  a tasty lunch: salads, fruit, sun chips, desserts, punctuated by delicious orange mimosas. The day  was H-O-T, not fit for man or beast , but we were cool, calm and collected (despite the delicious orange mimosas. I know we each had more than one refill!)

Margaret – center photo – stitched the binding on a table runner and proudly displayed the  finished piece; it is lovely. Michelle stitched on a Santa cross stitch – hey, it’s almost Christmas  in July ( the 25th is just days away). Pat was cutting out pieces for a small quilt she’s hand stitching and I played with my weaving: the circular loom and the fabric weave. Nor sure what I’ll do with them but I do enjoy the process… very mindful .

Too soon it was time to go.

Friendstitchin’ Sundays: So grateful for good friends, good food, good time. We missed friend Theresa, who is  on holiday in Ireland.


sometimes mondays | 4.29.19 …

…are a quiet and restful and early start to a busy week:

  • Yesterday, my monthly Friendstitching gathering. We had a delicious meal of grilled salmon, homemade cheese chive biscuits, salad and for afters : coconut cake. In the background, that little white blur is Coconut, a pup… and I am finally adding a new color to my log cabin!

  • The highlight of the day: we got to meet Margaret and Ed’s newest addition to the family: Wilkie, a Havenese rescue pup. A bit shy in a new environment but so adorable…

  • Saturday, the weather was lovely; my walk through the neighborhood was filled with the colorful glory of spring: the trees and flowers are in full bloom as is allergy season. I totally plumb forgot I was planning to listen to Met Opera’s Gotterdamerung … durn it! It will probably be another 5+ years before it’s broadcast “live” again…

  • Friday, fully intended to post and the day got away… I looked up at the clock and realized it was almost time for PM news.

And now, it’s the end of the month – just days before we open the doors Thurs for the quilt show. Off to attend the last committee meeting and the beginning of five trips this week.

Have a great Monday!


weekending | 12.16.18 …



Today dawned bright and sunny, a tad coolish but dry! Over the weekend, we had a mini monsoon – well,  not quite but certainly lots of rain. On Saturday, in between downpours, friend Margaret (MT) and I went on a house tour in the town of Cheverly MD., a small municipality right next door to Washington DC.

It never ceases to amaze me how steeped in United States history is this area, the Nation’s capital, that I’ve called home since 1974. On the tour, our first and most delightful stop: Mount Hope, a home built circa 1880s, sitting on a hilltop. Surrounded by trees and a huge front porch offering lots of outdoor living space, and shelter from the relentless rain, the house, a typical colonial mansion, restored and renovated for 21st Century life, still very much holds its 19th Century charm. One could easily imagine living there…


We visited 5 of the 7 houses on the tour; our second favorite : a circa 1950s, I’m guessing, 2-story ranch style house, recently renovated. The owners created a continuous video loop showing the renovation. A unique feature: a set of card catalog drawers built into the wall just inside the front door. Not sure what it was for but certainly an eye catcher.

Each home on the tour also served wine, cheese, hor d’oeuvres – very welcomed on that very rainy day!


Sunday, the rain continued; I traveled to Columbia for our monthly Friendstitching gathering. We met at new friend’s Michelle’s  house: very lovely, warm and charmingly decorated with a variety of Nutcrackers. Food was delicious: baked salmon; spinach salad; green beans; rice and of course, dessert featuring Michelle’s cookies. She fixed each of us a lovely little box of delights to take home. The little pouch sitting on top was made by Pat – one for each of us with different fabric. The Scotty dog for me. Each pouch was filled with candy but could be used for paper clips, ribbons, etc…


The piece de resistance was Coconut, Michelle’s little dog 13 years . Coconut slept while we needlepointed, knitted chatted…and the rain, continued.

Tho’ wet, a fulfilling and delightful weekend, nonetheless. How was your weekend? Drier, I hope.