sometimes mondays | 4.29.19 …

…are a quiet and restful and early start to a busy week:

  • Yesterday, my monthly Friendstitching gathering. We had a delicious meal of grilled salmon, homemade cheese chive biscuits, salad and for afters : coconut cake. In the background, that little white blur is Coconut, a pup… and I am finally adding a new color to my log cabin!

  • The highlight of the day: we got to meet Margaret and Ed’s newest addition to the family: Wilkie, a Havenese rescue pup. A bit shy in a new environment but so adorable…

  • Saturday, the weather was lovely; my walk through the neighborhood was filled with the colorful glory of spring: the trees and flowers are in full bloom as is allergy season. I totally plumb forgot I was planning to listen to Met Opera’s Gotterdamerung … durn it! It will probably be another 5+ years before it’s broadcast “live” again…

  • Friday, fully intended to post and the day got away… I looked up at the clock and realized it was almost time for PM news.

And now, it’s the end of the month – just days before we open the doors Thurs for the quilt show. Off to attend the last committee meeting and the beginning of five trips this week.

Have a great Monday!


7 thoughts on “sometimes mondays | 4.29.19 …

  1. I love you and your beloveds feet in this photo. You look relaxed and happy together. Have a great time with the QUILT Show. Looking forward to highlights when you have time Honore!


  2. It may be a busy week, but it will likely be fulfilling, too! Love the purple yarn, and your clock is really great!


  3. Quiet Mondays are a wonderful way to welcome the week. Mine rarely begin that way, but I did enjoy experiencing yours … with that lovely peek back to your weekend. Stitch on, my friend, stitch on!


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