unraveled wednesday | 4.24.19…

I awoke this morning to the sight of a magnificent sunrise, a gentle pink glow in the sky, on rooftops…and quickly gathered my iPhone and donned my robe so that I could step out on the deck and snap a photo or two, bask in the gentle glow. Mornings, mine, are always off to a slow, gentle start, regardless of “when “ I must leave the house …I sip my tea, read, write, sometimes draw/sketch, remember, plan, contemplate, let the morning/day unfold gently…

On this day, next week, we will be in the throes of setting up the quilt show – the doors will open at 10 am, promptly on Thursday…to a crowd of quilters rushing into buy our castoffs: tools; fabrics; patterns; novelty items; etc...”one quilter’s trash another quilter’s treasure…” Three of my four quilts are ready; I finish stitching the binding on the fourth, today!

I have any number of books – new/old; audio/print – in various stages; I’m rather drifting in/out of them. In my ongoing dostadning efforts, I ran across these three titles and decided I might revisit them over the next few days.

The weather forecast for today: sunshine and lovely temps. I plan/hope to take a walk to the Franciscan Monastery early afternoon to view the grounds. I’ve not been at all this season. Who cares about spring allergies?

Joining Kat and others for Unraveled Wednesday here!

9 thoughts on “unraveled wednesday | 4.24.19…

  1. That was a lovely post! Honore!!! I slept in due to staying up past midnite watching a nail biter basketball game in which the OKC Thunder lost . So thank you for the sunrise. And do share the Monastery photos please


  2. That is a breathtaking sunrise, and I wish I could see more of the quilt in the background behind the books. Absolutely gorgeous (and one of yours, I bet)!


  3. What a gorgeous photo you took! Our sunrise this a.m. had *some* color, but not as vibrant as what you had. I’m excited to see your four quilts!!


  4. What a beautiful sunrise! My house is situated in such a way that I see glorious sunSETS, but can’t see the sunRISES at all. I can’t wait to see your four quilts — and to hear all about the quilt show. XO


  5. What a glorious sunrise! I can’t wait to see your quilts and I love your gentle start to your day! And… that stack of books looks most intriguing! I am listening to a book about writers right now.


  6. What a gorgeous start to your gentle morning. The books look interesting. Sometimes I do best when I pull out some old favorites. Keep us posted on the quilt show and your quilts. I hope the show is a smashing success.


  7. That stunning floral quilt is a favorite of mine every time I see it! Hoping to see lots more of your quilts next week.


  8. Your quilts are so lovely – I always enjoy a peek at them. The colours just make my heart sing :). I like your trio of thoughtful titles, and don’t know that top one. No, Alexa, don’t go off and google … Argh, too late!


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