weekending and today


The weekend started with a quiet bang. Saturday was lovely ~ an invitation to walk to Zeke’s, sit outside and enjoy a new-to-me latté  (made with lavender spice and honey). After one sip, a gust of wind, caused my drink to spill the minute I sat it down! The barrista was kind enough to make me another and I switched to a caramel latté  – I found the first drink a tad too sweet.


Easter Sunday we joined friends for a delightful, delicious potluck dinner. The evening sunset was spectacular. I am so delighted that today’s smart phone technology makes taking such dramatic  photos as easy as can be!


Today beckoned me outside once again:  Come. Take a long leisurely walk to the park. I enjoyed not only the weather and sight of the sky, folk reading, kids playing, flowers, azaleas and trees blooming, and also the sidewalk art, always a delight to see.


Lovely memories of a lovely weekend. Ah! Spring!

8 thoughts on “weekending and today

  1. Lavender seems to be the flavor of the month ….. our local coffee shop has several lavender selections, some in coffee and some in tea. It was nice of the barista to make you a new drink. 🙂


  2. That lavender drink sounds intriguing! I have made lavender simple syrup before but only have used it in tea. It was a truly gorgeous weekend!


  3. Looks like a lovely weekend. I’ve had a lavender latte and enjoyed…but they do tend to be sweet. Love all your outdoor pics. The sunset is gorgeous.


  4. I once had a lavender creme bruleé. It was so awful, I’m not interested in anything edible with lavender! Sounds like a lovely weekend.


  5. Your weekend says SPRING! … I love playgrounds full of kids laughing, running around and swinging. and I’d rather have my lavender in a sachet freshening up my linens 😉


  6. Oooh, lots of photos shouting “Spring is here!” I’ve only ever had lavender in ice-cream, where is was nicely subtle; and what a very kind barista you had …


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